Saturday, April 30, 2011

Beware of Sexual Transmitted Diseases!

Syphilis, or 'Lion King' is considered some less popular, even extinct. But recent data show an increase of syphilis patients in 5 years.
Syphilis or King Lion is a feared disease in the 19th century. The disease is transmitted through sexual intercourse has not found the medicine has taken quite a lot of casualties at that time.

But along with the development of the era, the drug to cope with syphilis were found. Syphilis is no longer the dreaded disease for the community.

But a startling data revealed. In the last five years an increase in syphilis patients in European countries.

In England in 1997, one of 100 thousand people stricken with syphilis, but last year it rose to 9 of 100 thousand people.

In Germany in 1991, people with syphilis are 2 of 100 thousand people. And in 2003 experiencing an increase to 6 of 100 thousand people.

France has increased dramatically. in 2003 there are 428 cases of syphilis, while in the last three years, it rose as much as 16 times. In the Netherlands, especially Amsterdam in the year 2000-2004, the number of syphilis patients was 31 out of 100 thousand people.

The increase in the number of patients with syphilis is expected because of the increasing number of people who had sex at risk, such as same-sex relationships. Syphilis is usually more common in men. But women have the same risk the disease.

Want to be free from syphilis? Make a healthy sex and risk free.