Saturday, April 30, 2011

Why Men Like With Pornography?

What exactly is the reason THE MEN watch blue movies like that? Why are they so fond of the movies 'all-naked' is? Here are nine reasons why.

Reason number one why he likes watching porn was not because they want to masturbate, nor because he wanted to seek new inspiration, but more often because they feel bored alone. Men do tend to get bored easily. Pornography is one of their ideas to entertain themselves.

Reason two is because they want to satisfy the sexual desires arise, usually through masturbation. Impressions heat helps them to channel pent-up desire with more ahh.

No partner
Unlike in women, to matters of sex, the man clearly can not wait. They are like a weapon that should be immediately fired if the bullet that there are already too full. Wife out of town or because it is still single, this situation makes them choose a date with a porn show. Not cheating, just being alone need a friend.

The man destined to always do something. If there's nothing they can do, gym, too, were closed for holidays, and sleeping is too satisfied, then they will fill the empty time to play games or ... watch the blue display. This can make their souls alive. [Break]

Porn = entertainment
For some men, porn is the show entertaining and sometimes funny, especially for the weird costumes or menungging technique that looks ridiculous.

Watching porn is not like real action. No need to go from a soft chair to get satisfaction, fast food like that. No need to cook, but still delicious.

It's easier than practice
To be honest, sex is synonymous with a dirty and hard work. There is a liquid spill, had to shower first, forbidden to fart, to have to do certain positions or movements. In contrast to watching porn, do not have a bath or adjust the position of the body. The point is, do not have to bother.

Find science
Many men consider pornography as a university, where they learn more about how to do oral with appropriate and other techniques. Positive, the husbands of these impressions can learn how to please his wife in action in bed.

Jenna Jameson nude
Admit it ladies, though you'd like, but most of us do not look like Jenna Jameson. And, we also know that the man is a powerful creature in the eyes and like to see. Like a man likes Smurfs cartoons, but not necessarily want to marry him Smurf. Sometimes, men also like to see another woman, a nude is also okay.