Saturday, April 30, 2011

Jennifer Lopez Women Be People Magazine Most Beautiful Version

Jennifer Lopez JLo

Jennifer Lopez is a multi-talented American diva, she won achievement for achievement. From dancing, acting, until in the case of Jennifer singing ever tasted. This time, Jennifer made a new incision looks beautiful and thanks to that sexy body.

"Call in the morning to shoot @ peoplemag!" Writes one female juror in the arena of American Idol through his Twitter account last Friday.

Indeed, many reported by the media including the website Gossip Cop U.S. on the issue of Jennifer Lopez, the singer of 'On The Floor', which keelokannya be 'showcased' on the front page of People magazine.

This is because Jennifer assessed as 'People Magazine's Most Beatiful Cover Star' most beautiful models on the cover of People magazine. People magazine will announce it on this day, April 13.