Saturday, April 30, 2011

Krisdayanti rumored 4 Months Pregnant

KD & Raul KD & Raul

On March 20, 2011 and then, Kris Kristofferson has just released the menjandanya with businessmen from Dili, Timor Leste, Raul Lemos. Bad news once again approached the pop singer Krisdayanti (KD).

Ex-wife of singer, songwriter, and producer Anang Hermansyah it reportedly contains a newborn baby who was four months. The news was a rumor a number of mothers in the area around his residence in Radio Dalam, South Jakarta.

"Here indeed was widely KD does news about the pregnancy, he said hell, already two months. But, in fact many neighbors who said he would settle into Dili, "said a source who deliberately concealed his identity, on Tuesday (04/12/2011).

According to these sources, several times he was caught KD. Visible physical changes of KD. "It looks more contained, yes, since married," beber the source. "Yeah, he's now added contain, so on crowded," he continued.

The signs of pregnancy that has been enlarged KD seen when a few days ago was a guest on the show was not guided Four Eyes Tukul Arwana. At that time, KD appear to wear baby doll clothing and body shapes that look bigger.

Not just in the neighborhood where he lived, news KD pregnancy also seems to be conversations among a number of other artists. However, they choose to shut up and reluctant to comment on the news. "I do not know ya, if it really is pregnant it is good news. KD also later say it, "said one artist who declined to be named.

Until now there has been no comment from KD or Raul about the news that started it widely.