Saturday, April 30, 2011

Luna Maya Penyesalan

Luna Maya Luna Maya

Luna Maya is a suspect case of Ariel porn videos seemed to regret his past. Regret always comes later.

That is reflected in the tweet Luna posted yesterday on Twitter. Luna with your @ LunaMaya26 to retweet chatter from your @ maxim.

"Sweet RT @ proverb: You can not go back in time and change a bad beginning of a distinguished, but you can make a beautiful late reply, from this moment! # Adage, "the tweet Luna, Tuesday (12/04/2011).

Retweet artist born in Bali, August 26, 1983, sounded positive. As a human being who is not free of errors, soap opera actress Nada Love is still keeping up hope to be able to do something in the present to get a good end.

Luna's own legal status is still a suspect in the case of Ariel porn video, though insisting that women in the porn video was not himself. While the legal process Luna road in place, unlike the case with his girlfriend, Ariel.

Ariel was sentenced to 1 year 6 months, at the Bandung District Court, January 31, 2011. The verdict against the singer Peter was lighter than the demands of the public prosecutor of 5 years imprisonment and a fine of Rp250 million. If you do not pay the fine, it will be replaced with a prison sentence of three months.

Not satisfied with the verdict, Ariel filed a memorandum of appeal which was written by him in the prison itself. Memorandum of appeal sent to District Court Bandung, February 7, 2011.