Sunday, February 27, 2011

Hundreds of houses flooded in Aceh Jaya

Hundreds of houses across seven villages in Aceh Jaya regency have been inundated after heavy rains in region since Friday.

As of noon on Saturday, water inundating houses and schools was still approximately one-half meter deep. The seven flooded villages are Gampong Baro, Paya Baro, Pasie Delima, Pasie Timoe, Tepie Ara, Pasti Tolak Bala and Gampong Paya.

Two schools, SMP Negeri 4 junior high school in Teunom subdistrict and Tepin Hasan Primary School, were also flooded.

Local resident Suhaimi told Antara newswire that the situation thus far has not yet required calls for evacuations.

The Teunom sub-district was reportedly flooded at least six times last year.