Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Video Bokep Rani Juliani - Antasari

Case Antasari and Rani Juliani was not just about the only problem Nasrudin murder, but is likely to grow problem further. Recently reported that their relationship was recorded and circulated in the form of DVD. Cash only Antasari bokep Video DVD - Rani Juliani is a lot of attention from the people of Indonesia, especially for lovers video bokep 3gp. Hot stories about Rani Juliani who reportedly had a relationship with the former Commission was indeed often in decline, but the issue of the existence of the pornographic video, of course, makes the case both to warm again to discuss

According to some market DVD sales Glodok Jakarta, the existence of pornographic DVDs and Rani Antasari Juliani is true. At least that's the news written by Suara Merdeka, Saturday (19/12/09). Some people are curious about this until willing to come to the market jauh2 glodok to ask the truth of the news. One seller claimed to run out of stock due to limited video DVD. He admitted today have only 2 items and has been purchased by consumers

But there are also video DVD sellers who do not know the existence of pornographic video and Rani Antasari this Juliani. They argue it is only a mere sensation or just to simply increase the sales turnover. They claimed to have sold the old one was not that dirty stuff. Of the many issues that are developing, it may not yet ascertained the truth of the circulation of obscene videos Rani Juliani. But why had it got the download link please bagi2 yes: D. All of this news, I return to the visitors all, please find the media you have available if that's curious, but for who do not believe, let this story go away.