Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Oktasari Ayu

Probably most of us, Oktasari Ayu's name still sounds familiar in our ears. Especially if it's been a lot of hot pictures Ayu Oktasari with a sexy pose half-naked and daring circulating on the internet. But if the name is associated with the largest partner search event in Indonesia today, Take Me Out Indonesia which regularly aired by TV station Indosiar, then we will more easily remember. Ayu Oktasari election itself is the winner of 2nd episode run on June 26, 2009 and in the end he was named the most matching pairs in the final Take Me Out Indonesia Session 1.

From the outstanding background, Ayu Oktasari (27 years) before a photo model adult magazines. Her participation in Take Me Out at first only because idle. From his meeting with Jonah who then continued to be his partner until the final round, he got a lot of support to be the most compatible couple in the event. Circulation of information, also obtained information that in fact this girl has a sexy lover before her participation Take Me Out in Indonesia. But they split up because there is no clear relationship between Ayu and her ex-boyfriend Oktasari

What is clear, now hot and sexy photos Oktasari Ayu has circulated widely on the Internet. We can easily get them through various media that we know. Clarity relationship with Jonah is now re-questioned. Would he accept Ayu backgrounds who may not know before he is. 100 million gift they received from Take Me Out could become meaningless if there is no mutual understanding of both the response this problem.