Tuesday, June 14, 2011

TOP 10 most handsome korean actor!

VIVAnews - Korean entertainment world was growing rapidly. The presence of artists, especially the actors who often wara-Wiri on the glass screen was able to anesthetize the weather not only in their home country but also across Asia, including Indonesia.

The actors are not only physical beauty but their face is considered perfect by his fans. Of course it is also supported by their acting ability that can drain the emotional crowd especially the women.

With the capital makes the popularity of the actors from the State Ginseng is also soared. Their career continues to soar and the actor is also ordained as sexiest male.
Want to know who are the successful Korean actor holds the title as the sexiest actor? Here are 10 Korean actor is considered handsome and sexy:

1. Lee Min Ho

His role as a Gun Jun Pyo in the series 'Boys Over Flowers' to deliver the name of Lee Min Ho as a young actor his acting skills are included in the Korean entertainment world. As a result, the popularity of the artist was born June 22, 1987 immediately rocketed meteoric. He also hailed the fans, especially young women. And recently, up official actor getting higher. He has fans who come from 15 countries.

Ho Min success intensified after he starred in the series 'Personal Taste'. He became not only sold well as a series star, but also starred in several advertisements. Currently, he has just finished shooting the series 'City Hunter' which was aired in Korea in May. The series is expected to make a name Min-Ho getting bounced.

However, to get a career as now is not easy for the youngest of two brothers. He began his career from the bottom. Ranging from small roles in the series to finally be able to get the lead role.

2. Hyun Bin

Actor Kim Tae Pyung owner name is also one of the famous Korean actor. Song Hye Kyo's ex-lover is as famous for her role as a restaurant entrepreneur in the series 'My Name is Kim Sam Soon' as Kim Sun Ah. The series won high ratings until the end of the screenings.

As an actor who has a big name, of course, Hyun Bin has a loyal fan. And the concern was shown his fans when he was born 25 September 1982 must undergo a state task as the Korean men's conscription.

When Hyun Bin will go into the military camp in March, without a coordinated fan of this actor held a farewell ceremony for the idol. They gathered for the release star 'Secret Garden' is to the military camp. The fans do not just come from Korea, but also from Hong Kong, Japan and other countries.

Great attention from the fans makes Hyun Bin touched and shed tears. He also paid tribute to his fans is by sitting on the floor and leaned forward.

3. Rain

Surely the name of Rain already familiar to Korean drama lovers. His role as an artist in the series 'Full House' to make a name actor born June 25, 1982 it became well known throughout Asia, including in the homeland.

Her presence was always hailed his fans who always screamed hysterically when she saw her idol in action on stage singing. Understand it, because in addition known as an actor, Rain is also popular as a singer.

In the midst of rising popularity, Rain will be conscripted. After a delay, he will enter the draft in December. Thus, he will be sidelined for two years from the bustle of glitter Korean entertainment world.

However, before running the task that his country, Rain's first star in a film titled 'Red Muffler'. This film is Rain's last film before entering the draftee. He served as a fighter pilot. Not only that, the Korean stars go international has also held a music concert tour in several countries.

4. Kim Bum

Same with Lee Min-Hoo, Kim Bum achieved popularity after acting as a member of F4 in the series 'Boys Over Flowers'. His role was to deliver man who was born July 7, 1989 was as a young actor on the rise. With his handsome face as well as his ideal to make this man become the new idol figure. The average fan girls are always providing support for career advancement actor who is also a model.

In order to make a career as an actor develops, Kim Bum trying to develop themselves to try their luck in Japan. He is affiliated with an artist in the country manajamen Sakura them.

5. Kim Hyun Joong

Before famous as an actor, Kim Hyun Joong's first success as a singer. He is the frontman Korean boyband, SS501. But, increasingly uphill popularity since he was born June 6, 1986 starring in the series 'Boys Over Flowers'. Various bids starting from the series, commercials and also made solo albums over to the man who also starred in the drama 'Playful Kiss' this.

As with other Korean stars, Kim Hyun Joong also tried to go international. He began to glance at the Japanese entertainment market. Now, the name of Kim Hyun Joong continue flying. Fans continues to increase. (Eh)
6. Kim Joon

The owner's real name Kim Hyung Joon is known as a rapper. Understand it, because Kim Joon joined in a famous boyband in Korea called the T-Max. Being a singer does not make Kim Joon feel satisfied. He also looked at the acting world. Serial 'Boys Over Flowers' to deliver Kim Joon as an actor. In the series, starring Lee Min-Hoo, Kim Hyun Joong and Kim Bum, Kim Joon as Song Woo Bin role.

Success of serial didaptasi from Japanese drama "Hana Yori Dango 'a man who was born February 3, 1984 is flooded with acting offers other. A number of series he starred as 'Pygmalion's Love', 'Invisible Baseball' and 'Detective in Trouble'.

Although successful in two of his career, Kim Joon not forget education. Evidently, he still continued his education to get a glass master to take courses at Hankuk University of Foreign Studies Department of Global Culture.

7. Dennis Oh

Owner name Dennis Joseph O 'Neil is famous as an actor and model in Korea. Indeed, his face a little different from other Korean actors. Understandably, this man has the blood descendants of the United States that flows from the father. Despite a face Indo does not mean a guarantee for the man who was born August 29, 1981 is easily compete in the famous Korean entertainment industry is tight.

He still started his career from the bottom. His career began as an advertising model. Having been in the model, Daniel finally had a chance to pursue acting. Mini-series "Sweet Spy" is the first step, Daniel showed his acting skills. In this series, he must act as a mysterious spy who falls in love with a female police officer.

After that, she starred in several series in Korea. However, he more often appeared in the video clip a few singers in the country was like in her music Ginseng groups SG Wannabe and Kim Jong Kook.

8. Jang Dong Gun

The presence of young stars turned out not affect the popularity of actor Jang Dong Gun. Evidently, though it was old and married almost four head, gait father of this child is still recognized his fans. His handsome face and athletic posture remains a star attraction series 'All About Eve' is.

His name will be guaranteed the success of a film or series that starred. One of the successful film starring entitled 'Friend'. This film became the best-selling movie of all time in Korea.
He received praise her role as a college student who joined the mafia. His role was to open the way for the actor to show his acting talent in big films like 'Taegukgi: The Brotherhood of War'. And again, the film is able to break box office records in their home country.

These roles make appearances Jang Dong Gun is always longing for his fans who on average these women. Fans were also willing to queue for the sake of seeing his face beautiful.

9. Bae Yong Jun

Bae Yong Jun has starred in many series. However, the most phenomenal and made his name hailed the fans is when this guy starred in 'Winter Sonata'. The story that confuse blue in the series makes the actor BYJ familiarly called by the loyal fans of this popular.

Despite the fact that only a television drama and not a movie, 'Winter Sonata' have broken the record in Japan.

Of course, success is increasingly confirmed as an actor BYJ idol. He was very famous in Japan. He became a sought after producer. Options producer was not wrong. Almost all serial bespectacled face of the man who installed it is always successful. BYJ was entitled to a place in the 'Korean Wave' which is the term for Korean actors and actresses on board.

10. Kwon Sang Woo

Before famous as an actor, Kwon Sang Woo wrestle the world model. However, enthusiasm to try out acting world never subsided. Stars 'Cinderella Man' is also getting a chance to act. He began his acting talent show and make it publicly known as an actor when he starred in the film "My Tutor Friend 'in 2003.

However, its popularity soared as an actor when he got the role for television drama "Stairway to Heaven 'along with actress Choi Ji Woo. The series is noted as the most popular Korean dramas in Asia.

Another role that makes the man born August 5, 1976 is seen in the acting world is when one child's father is acting in the movie 'Once Upon a Time High School'. The film gives a chance in the 1970s highlights the authoritarian attitude of Korean society at that time. (Eh)