Friday, June 24, 2011

Air Force Security patrols of Malacca Strait

Tanjungpinang air base commander, Lieutenant Colonel Pilot Hanafie Jusuf (left) removed a number of Air Force pilot before performing air patrols securing the Straits of Malacca or the "Malacca Straits Sea Patrol (MMSP)" with Foker 27 reconnaissance aircraft in the Air Force Air Pangakalan Tanjungpinang, Riau Islands, Wednesday (22 / 6). Joint air patrols involving Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand in the Strait of Malacca is also known as operation "Eyes in the Sky (EIS)" which aims to enhance security in the Malacca Strait shipping lane and had been going on since 2005. (Photo: AFP / Henky Mohari/Koz/pd/11)

June 22, 2011, Tanjungpinang (AFP): Air Force carry out air patrols in the waters of the Malacca Strait security along with the Air Force in Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand.

Pilot Captain Foker 27 reconnaissance aircraft the Air Force, Captain Pilot Media in Tanjungpinang, Riau Islands, on Wednesday, said the joint operation aimed at securing the Malacca Strait to improve the security of shipping lanes of various crimes.

"Joint patrols also aim to strengthen the relationship neighboring countries in terms of defense and security," said the media before flying from the Air Force Air Base in Tanjungpinang.

Media said the joint security operation known as "Eyes in the Sky (EIS)" The monitoring of air about the activities in the waters of the Straits of Malacca and immediately inform the operations center in case of crimes such as piracy, "illegal fishing" or other activities .

"We are also directly coordinate with warships RI (KRI), which patrols if there are violations at sea," he said.

EIS has been started since 2005, according to him, done alternately for one month beyond the routine operation of the security of each country.

"Patrol by the Air Force plane has carried out since Tuesday (21 / 6) and ends today with the included patrol members from Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand. When using patrol aircraft Singapore or Malaysia there is also a member of the Air Force who took part," he explained.

Tanjungpinang air base commander, Lieutenant Colonel Pilot Hanafie Jusuf said the Air Force Air Base Tanjungpinang operations Aju EIS is used as a base, because it is located near the border with neighboring countries and as a relief support operations.

"Hopefully with the operation of the EIS can reduce the violations that occurred in the waters of the Malacca Strait, so the cruise lines that are more secure solid," said Hanafie.

Malacca Strait is restricted to Pukhet Rondo Island in the north and the south bordered by Karimun Island to Cape Piai, with a total length reaches about 500 miles or 926 kilometers.

Security patrols of Malacca Strait which is also known as the "Malacca Straits Sea Patrol (MMSP)" was previously only carried out by Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore, while Thailand only joined, so that standard operating procedures in securing the Malacca Strait adjusted at a meeting of seven officials at the Navy participating countries Batam in 2010.