Saturday, June 25, 2011

Indonesian Military Power of the Giant 1960

1960s, the era of President Sukarno.
Indonesia is one of the main military force of the largest and strongest in the world. At that time, even the Dutch forces are not comparable with Indonesia, and Americans are very concerned with the development of our military forces backed heavily by the latest technology the Soviet Union.

1960, Holland was still entrenched in Papua. Seeing the power of the Republic of Indonesia is increasingly intense, Netherlands Western-backed design stratagem to establish a puppet state that seemed to be independent, but still under Dutch control.

President Sukarno immediately take extreme action, goal, retake Papua. Sukarno immediately issued edicts "Trikora" in Yogyakarta, and the contents are:
1. Abort the establishment of an artificial colonial puppet state of Papua, the Netherlands.
2. Kibarkan Sang Saka Merah Putih throughout the West Irian
3. Be prepared for a general mobilization, maintaining independence and unity of the nation's homeland.

Thanks to the proximity of Indonesia with the Soviets, then Indonesia is getting massive aid naval and air power the most advanced military in the world with a gigantic value, U.S. $ 2.5 billion. Currently, the Indonesian military forces to be the strongest in the entire southern hemisphere.

Indonesia's main strength in times Trikora it is one of the main warship of the world's largest and fastest of the Soviet-made Sverdlov class, with 12 cannon caliber 6-inch giant. This is a KRI Irian, with a giant weight of 16,640 tons with a crew of 1270 people including 60 officers. Soviet, never once giving the ship as hard at any other nation except Indonesia. (Newest ships of class Sigma Indonesia now only weighs 1600 tons).

Indonesian Air Force air fleet also been one of the deadliest in the world, comprising more than 100 advanced aircraft at the time. This fleet consists of:
1. 20 supersonic fighter aircraft MiG-21 Fishbed.
2. 30 MiG-15 aircraft.
3. 49 high-subsonic jet fighters MiG-17.
4. 10 MiG-19 supersonic aircraft.

MiG-21 Fishbed is one of the main world's most advanced supersonic aircraft, which has been capable of flying at speeds reaching Mach 2. The aircraft is even more powerful than the most sophisticated American aircraft at that time, the plane supersonic F-104 Starfighter and F-5 Tiger. While the Dutch are still relying on those planes from World War II such as P-51 Mustang.

For the record, awesomeness planes MiG-21 and MiG-17 in the Vietnam War to encourage Americans founded the United States Navy Strike Fighter Tactics Instructor, pilot training center best known as TOP GUN.

Indonesia also has a fleet of 26 long-range strategic bomber Tu-16 Tupolev (Badger A and B). This makes Indonesia one of the main of only four nations of the world that have strategic bombers, the United States, Russia, and England. The air base is located on the Ground Iswahyudi, Surabaya.

Even China and Australia also have not had this kind of strategic bomber aircraft. The bomber also features a variety of sophisticated electronic equipment and special anti-warship missiles AS-1 Kennel, which is that the explosion could easily sink the ships of Western combat.

Indonesia also has a 12 Whiskey-class submarines, dozens of Corvette class battleships, nine of the world's largest helicopter MI-6, 41 MI-4 helicopters, transport planes, including a variety of heavy transport aircraft Antonov An-12B. In total, Indonesia has 104 units of battleships. Not to mention the thousands of the best assault rifle at the time and still legendary today, AK-47.

This all makes Indonesia salasahtu sea and air military forces of the world's strongest. The effect is so great, so that America under the leadership of John F. Kennedy forced the Dutch to get out of Papua, and stated in a UN forum that the transition of power in Papua, from Holland to Indonesia is something that is unacceptable.