Friday, June 17, 2011

Random image stereogram

Stereogram is an image random / random recurrent shaped model with a texture background image that does not irregular. But behind the background image that does not irregular three-dimensional image was completely different with two-dimensional image. We will be taken to a room that will make us feel in real conditions (not in front of the picture).

How to see:

1.Dekatkan skipper in front of the face image 5 cm in front of his face.

2.Kaburkan view (do not pay attention to detail the background image).

3.Lalu keep the images slowly until approximately 20cm, hold the image.

Blur 4.Tetap view, do not blink until, when the flashing repeat step 1.

5.Bila've managed to see some images, slide the view into the entire image is
slowly, to make it look three-dimensional image as a whole.

This he pict pictnya for you see:





Eagle flying