Friday, June 17, 2011

Lunar Eclipse Remind We Majesty Creator

Jakarta - A total of 5 pieces of small binoculars are used to monitor the process of Total Eclipse of the Moon in the area of Bosscha Observatory, Thursday (16/6/2011) early days.

"We use a small pair of binoculars so that the process is visible. If you use too great detail, I'll actually see the craters on the moon, not gerhananya," said Chatief Kunjaya, Head of Community Services Bosscha Observatory.

Observations made ​​for data collection and conducted by several researchers.

There are two types of binoculars used binoculars yabg reflaktor type and reflektor.Teropong reflaktor collected by the refraction of light as a reflector to collect light with the help of light reflection.

Binoculars are used among other solar telescope, binoculars and binoculars fixen william.

Due to weather conditions in the foggy Bosscha, several times a binocular lens is blown with a hair dryer.

Partial lunar eclipse will begin at 1:23 pm until 5:02 pm, in the span of time it will be a total lunar eclipse began at 2:22 pm until 4:03 pm. Total lunar eclipse can be seen with the naked eye throughout Indonesia.

This is a spectacular event as the eclipse takes a long time so we can monitor it freely. Moon will be covered by the shadow of the earth, which had a white moon will become red and it goes black