Friday, June 17, 2011

Prieure de Sion

The Prieure du Notre Dame du Sion or Priory of Zion in English, according to documents from their own sources has a long history and full of mystery.
Traditionally rooted in the Hermetic / Gnostic Society was founded by a man named Ormus.
Concerned above mentioned blends Christianity with Paganism.
They began to 'perform' in history in the Middle Ages.
In 1070, a group of monks from Calabria - Italy, led by Prince Ursus founded the Abbey of Orval in France (the Ardennes).

The monks established the fundamental of the Order of Zion which is then 'diselubungkan / covered' by Godfroy de Bouilion (Leader of the first Crusaders who captured Jerusalem). The Order is then camouflaged into the secrets of the Templars (knights of the Templar) for about a hundred years during the period of Christian rule in Palestine.

Many refer to the two orders are united under one leadership until the year 1188 they split up within an event so called 'cutting of the elm' in Gissor.
Order was more fortunate than the Templars who later suffered under the rule of the French king Holocaust Phillip Le Bel year 1307 (see the topic of the Knights of Templar)

Order of Zion and then come back to the surface and is believed to be behind the anti-monarchy in paerancis, Compagnie du St., Sacraments in the 17th century. In addition alleged Priory of Zion has a strong connection to many socio-cultural strata that are secret societies in Europe such as, Roscicrucianism, Freemasonry, Arcadianism (the Arturian), Catharism etc..

Together with all the secret society who 'allegedly' exist, they are also suspected of having or even part of the movement NWO or New World Order which de facto became widely known and generally ILLUMINATI objectives and is known to lay first promulgated by George Bush Senior when The first Iraq war and repeated again by the Bush Jr.. when it declared war on terrorism eye out post-September 11.

This mysterious secret society then reappeared in 1956 and listed on the official French organization listing under the name "Chivalry of Catholic Rules and Institutions of the Independent Union and Tradition"
According to a source who 'trustworthy', this Order has 9841 members who are divided into grade 9, 1093 members in 7 grade, with the Supreme member - "The Nautonnier" or Grand Master of the Order is held until the 1963 Jean Cocteau.

For the time being by the observer / watchers / people who seek the truth, Pierre Plantard de St Clair believed to be the 'Nautonnier' Order is concerned, although they will be denied and claimed to have left the Order year 1984.

So for now, at the beginning of the new millennium is not yet known (accurately) who the leader of the order. However, anyone who he currently holds the leadership of "The Prieure du Notre Dame du Sion" or Priory of Zion, he is the successor to a Secret Society who most closed and most unpronounceable (Freemasonry and the Illuminati is the reply most often discussed)

And throughout history have been Grand Master2 secrets such as: - Jacques De Molay (also the last Grand Master of the Knights of Templar, also called sebegai people actually ever wrapped in the shroud of Turin), - Leonardo Da Vinci (believe it or not! Artists on this one once referred to as the chairman of Freemasonry),
- Sir Isaac Newton (! Father of physics is in addition to ever be a Grand Master of the Order of Zion is also a leader in his day fremason Guild)
- Claude De Bussy (if not wrong the famous composer)

Oh yes, just additional information for the addicts 'Conspiracy Theory', the most updated information states that the Swiss Grand Lodge Alpina (GLA) which is the supreme body of Freemasonry in Switzerland most likely a recruitment agency for the Prieure du Sion.
GLA is also known as a meeting place of the "Gnomes of Zurich" known as the core strengths of the elite bankers in Switzerland.

Ok so first a brief exposure of the Priory of Zion. Secret Society of the Order who is the most rarely talked about in this world is one of the few 'elite group selected orang2' which became one of the foundation stone of a conspiracy to bring ILLUMINATI 'One government and one of the world' - "One World United Under God" at least once a slogan Globalist of the TSB.

For those who are interested are advised to follow the other topik2 who relates the story of this history sepert: Age of Apocalypse, ILLUMINATI, Knights of Templar, Atlantis, Ancient Egypt.

Remember that history is always repeated because the future will be past and the past will be the future.
We received a question in the future to find the answer in the past