Friday, June 24, 2011

Map Making Sea constrained funding

June 22, 2011, Jakarta ( Hydro Oceanographic Office (Dishidros) Navy who served in the field of marine surveying and mapping must follow the developments and changes that occur in the field. Hence the survey and map the ocean must be renewed periodically. But budget constraints become an obstacle in carrying out its duties Dishidros.

"There are 500 maps that should be no revision per 5 years. Moreover, because existing maps Dutch heritage," said Subdis mapping Dishidros Navy Lt. Col. A. Muttaqim Aziz here on Wednesday (22 / 6).

Azis said that, because budget constraints revisions to these maps to be not optimal. "Every year there are revisions, but a limited budget. Every year we revised 90 no map," he said. Though the revised map inhttp: / / / img / blank.gifi important for the safety of shipping due to conditions on the ground is always changing.

According to Aziz, the making of this map requires a high cost. But he did not mention how much it costs. "As an illustration, a map with a 1:12 scale of thousands, the area 12 miles to spend 1 billion more," said Aziz. As a result many maps that have not been revised due to lack of funds.

In addition, Aziz said, with limited funds and ship Dishidros execution of tasks to be no maximum. To conduct the survey, Dishidros only capable of reaching 12 locations. Though places and sites to be surveyed countless. "Especially when we survey to Papua, for example, take the tools alone would cost. We ship today there are seven," said Aziz.

KSAL: Dishidros double-edged sword

Hydro Oceanographic Office (Dishidros) Navy supposedly able to provide and distribute hydrographic and oceanographic data is accurate, current and continuous.

The data is important to support the national maritime policy and maritime activities. For example, safety of navigation in the marine, coastal management, exploration and exploitation of marine resources and marine environmental protection and sea defenses.

"Both in peacetime and in critical times," said Chief of Naval Staff (KSAL) Admiral Soeparno in his speech when opening-day seminar and exhibition at the World Hydrographic Mercure Ancol Hotel in Jakarta, Wednesday (22 / 6).

Dishidros like a double-edged sword that each side as sharp. On the one hand, served the function of military hydrographic agencies / military to support the interests of national defense at sea. The other side supports the role of national interests on the welfare aspects, in terms of public service in the area of ​​navigational safety of shipping, support government policies in the aspects of maritime diplomacy, maritime boundaries, as well as marine research, especially in the field of hydrography and oceanography.

"Dishidros institutionally represent the country as a member of the International Hydrography Organization (IHO) since 1960," said KSAL.