Friday, June 17, 2011

A Ufo Follow British Hercules Aircraft

INILAH.COM, Jakarta - An amateur photographer managed to photograph a UFO that followed the Hercules aircraft. Military aircraft was approaching the headquarters of Lyneham in Wiltshire England.
John Powell (56) said the unusual silver object following the current British military aircraft would land at his headquarters. "I do not believe in the existence of objects from space, but it followed the plane," he said.
Powell, who studied computer science for 30 years said it had checked several UFO websites. But he did not find any UFO observing plane.
Lyneham is the military headquarters where the body of British troops be brought home to the country, using Hercules aircraft.
British defense ministry official said it would not conduct an investigation because the problem was not as big a threat. "The defense ministry only investigate a report when the British aircraft attacked by military activity is not legitimate," said defense ministry spokesman.
"Unless there is evidence of potential threats, then it will not be penyelidkan over the reported sightings," he said. [Ito]