Friday, June 17, 2011

46 Journalists Killed in the Year 2009

Jakarta - The threat of danger and the activity of journalism seems to be two things that always coincide, especially when journalists are doing reporting in conflict areas. In 2009 the new walk only half this time there are at least 46 journalists killed while doing reporting in 21 countries.

As reported by Reuters on Tuesday (04/08/2009), the International News Safety Institute (INSI) called Somalia and Mexico as the country's most dangerous for the hunters news. Until the end of July, six local reporters Somalia killed, while two journalists held hostage in 2008 and still in captivity since 11 months ago.

"But the situation in Mexico caused concern with at least three deaths that have been established and 3 more are still under investigation," said an organization supported by the mainstream media and professional bodies worldwide.

3 Journalists were killed each killed in Pakistan, Iraq, the Philippines. INSI noted a media in Sri Lanka reported 34 journalists and media workers killed in the country since the present government in power since 2004.

There are at least 46 victims Tewa until July 2009, including cameramen and photographers. While during 2008, there were 109 journalists have been killed in 36 countries.