Friday, June 17, 2011

100 Million Years Living in the In Amber

Turtle fossil found last show, turtle today there is no change whatsoever with turtle 100 million years ago. (INTERNET) Not only are scientists, ordinary people like us, nor expect to know with certainty rather than just estimates that 5,000, 500 thousand, 100 million, 500 million, even 2 billion years ago, what has happened with the earth, creatures is there any difference at that time living with now?
March 2005, Australian scientists announced it had found a number of fossils of ancient sea turtles that once lived at 110 million years ago. The fossils were found in the northeastern state of Queensland, Australia.
Cole, a biologist living ancients said, "The fossils were apparently no differences were too great with a turtle today. Turtle seemed early on is the work of the Creator, but they also always maintain such conditions. "
Within such a long period of time, basically almost no change whatsoever on turtles.

Butterfly fossils 100 million years old, found in Gansu Province, China. (INTERNET) Lately, the national history museum of Paris, France along with scientists from the state scientific research center of Strasbourg announced a new joint research. Mentioned for the first time a marine micro-organisms intact form a kind of wild animals at least 100 million-year-old wrapped in the amber.
Research has shown that accidental discovery in the privileged Southern France, could be traced to at least 20 million years ago. During the one-celled sea grass called Bacillariophyta appeared on earth.
Arguably, in the results of scientific research it has been ascertained in 20 million years ago exists a kind of living marine microbes, which are now found even 100 million years ago already exist, but also still such a creature type.
80 million years ago, single-celled marine grass why do not evolve into amphibians? It is not even up-celled creatures evolved into complex? It really has reneged on all scientific research in the text book.
Authors who preach this study namely Saint Martin, the national history museum scientist cum Paris show, the invention simultaneously also challenge the theory of evolution partial organism molecular science and genetics research proves.
Members of the research in the statement declared, "This discovery will deepen our understanding of the types of marine life that has disappeared is, concurrently providing a very valuable material about the situation on the marine Cretaceous or Cretaceous Period in western France."
The Cretaceous period is between 145 million to 65 million years ago. Today, in the new discovery is still a mystery that one unanswered, "why marine biota can be encased in amber that is formed by drops of tree sap?"

Spiders trapped in amber (fossilized tree resin and appreciated for the color and beauty) 136 million years ago. (INTERNET) Honestly speaking, today's scientists are also surprised, they are only estimates: the depiction of the most likely is, forests that produce the amber is very close to the beach, a small model organisms contained float primitive creatures, may have been delivered to the inland by water formed by the wind or the whirlwind.
Actually is it so, not so important, the important thing is that such news has revealed a highly sensitive information. That is a kind of living has gone through several tens of million years, even hundreds of millions of years had not changed, is because he and other creature types basically have no internal and external relations. They include the different kingdoms, they have a king and his own employer.
If so the case, not only has overturned the theory of evolution, but it's still there is a question that makes people kept chasing and kept pounding:
Who created life? Why should it create life? Humans come from? Why do people want to come to earth? During the centuries of waiting for what? ... Is waiting for the arrival of their masters? (Epochtimes / WHS) ERABARU.OR.ID