Friday, June 17, 2011

People Bati, Being of the Mysterious Island of Seram Island of Seram, Ambon

On the island of Seram, Ambon, according to local legend, there lived a mysterious creature living in the mountains in the region Kairatu. Like the human body, wings and likes to kidnap a child at night to eat it. The creature was named People Bati.
Actually, since two months ago when I was asked to write about the monster-monster from Indonesia. Recently when I returned was asked to write a mystery story in Indonesia, I remembered that the initial request.
Did you know that in fact very difficult to write about the mysteries of Indonesia, especially on the monster-monster? I'll explain why.
If the Americans found strange as Shunka Warak'in dog I've ever written about it before, then the Americans would call it a new kind of dog or dogs surviving ancient. However, if such a dog is found in Indonesia, then the population would call it Dog incarnation stealth.
In Indonesia, all the strange and mysterious creatures that are always associated with the manifestation of evil spirits. I do not deny the existence of the devil incarnate beings or manifestations of black studies as Jenglot, but this resulted in the leveling creature cryptid Indonesia became undocumented and forgotten.

So I am having trouble finding the monster-monster Indonesia that really recognized by the international community as a cryptid.
In my opinion, this phenomenon may not only due to cultural superstition with deep roots in Indonesia, but perhaps because there is no expert from Indonesia Cryptozoology (or perhaps already there, only I do not know). In fact, from Sabang to Merauke, I'm sure there are many cryptid waiting to be discovered.

Fortunately there are several international researchers interested in the mysterious creatures of Indonesia. Those who tend to be more rational to link these creatures with Cryptozoology, not by the things mystical.
For example, Indonesia's most famous cryptid in the world is being called "Short People", short-bodied ape creatures that live in the province of Jambi. Short people into the ranks of world-class cryptid because the services of one person, Deborah Martyr, an Englishman.

In addition to Short People, there is also a cryptid Indonesia called The Tower, Bigfootnya Indonesia that is believed to live in Sumatra. Once again, The Tower go international because of the services of a Dutchman named KW Dammerman.

There are also people Gugu, which is sometimes considered the same as Short People. People Gugu Go International for services of two Englishmen. William Marsden who first told this story in his book "The History of Sumatra". And the second a Benedict Allen wrote in a book titled "Hunting the gugu: In search of the lost ape-men of Sumatra".

However, after all, information about the creatures above is very minimal.
Anyway, after all, I finally decided also to write about the monster-monster Indonesia as demand for some people, but still in line of Cryptozoology.

Monsters that I want to tell this time is The Bati. The story of The International Bati attention after a man named Karl Shuker (strangers too) pours his story in a book titled "Is Batman alive and well and living on the island of horror?".

The monster is often associated with Mothman. If Karl Shuker called Batman, then some other researchers call this creature the Mothman Indonesia. Here's her story:

On the island of Seram, Ambon, since the 15th century, the residents reported the existence of mysterious creatures that live in caves in the non-active volcano in Kairatu. The creature was said to have bodies like humans and have wings. His habit was to kidnap a child at night for dinner. They call it The Bati.

According to the description of the population, The Bati has a height of about 1.6 meters, black winged, red-skinned and has a small long tail. The Bati name itself means "winged man".
The story of Bati survived for centuries among the local population until later described to the Christian missionaries who came to the island.

In 1987, a British missionary named Tyson Hughes started her job to stay for 18 months in the Moluccas to teach residents how to grow crops efficiently. The resident then told the story of The Bati to Mr. Hughes. Of course, Mr. Hughes was skeptical, until finally he himself claimed to meet the creature.

Unfortunately, I do not find more information about the details of that encounter.
Some experts believe that Cryptozoology is a Pterodactyl Bati People living in this modern age. But the most popular theory is the theory of a giant bat. The possibility of the residents saw a giant bat-eating monkeys and one identified. Theory of giant bats are also often associated with the Mothman in America.

Again, no physical evidence to suggest that these creatures have lived on the island of Seram. Yet somehow, the legend lives on for centuries. But I'm not too surprised. We also have no physical evidence of Nessie of Lochness, Bigfoot or Mothman of America.
If anyone reading this from Seram island that can provide more complete information, then I would be very happy.