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15 War Machine Leonardo Da Vinci's work

The Codex Atlanticus (Wikipedia)
Leonardo Da Vinci designed many weapons, including giant crossbows, machine guns, siege towers, cluster bombs and modern tanks, but his work was limited to writing and design as outlined in a book "Atlantic Codex".
The Codex Atlanticus (Atlantic Codex) is an important book on Leonardo Da Vinci's work consists of twelve volumes, in a collection of drawings and writings, from the name indicates the book was like a vast continent atlantis.terdiri from the 1119 pages of the years 1478-1519, the contents covers a wide range of subjects, from aviation, weaponry, musical instruments, mathematical till agriculture.
Various kinds of "article" Leonardo Da Vinci is then collected by the sculptor Pompeo Leoni, Leone Leoni's son, in the late 16th century, although Leoni forgotten in the formation of the books of Leonardo Da Vinci, but the results of the current arrangement hungga preserved and can be found in the Biblioteca Ambrosiana , Milan. please read here it goes
we will present is said specifically about the war equipment are created by Leonardo Da Vinci, ulasanannya following:
1. Leonardo Da Vinci Terminator

Sketch of mechanical soldiers are not discovered until 1957, when it was discovered by Carlo Pedretti, hidden among the various design out. sketches were made ​​in 1495, but there is no attempt to design until 1996 when Mark Rosheim publishes independent study on the robot in cooperation with the Florence Institute and Museum of the History of Science.
However, not until 2002 Rosheim physical build a complete model of the robot for a BBC documentary. Since then, a soldier created with a wooden stick on wheels just like the Da Vinci sketch, and popularly known as "Leonardo's robot" has been included in exhibitions to museums.
In 2007 Mario Taddei conduct new research and found the original document data is sufficient to build a version of the robot army, is more closely related to the original image. This robot is designed only for self-interest, not for war or theater. movement is somewhat limited because only move his right arm and left when taken with a rope. This particular model will be displayed in various exhibitions around the world and research results Tadei later published in book, Leonardo Da Vinci's Robots.
2. Machine Gun

Multi-barrelled machine gun is an amazing weapon with the power of fire. Da Vinci sketched this artillery around the year 1480 in Florence, Prototype is shaped like a fan that could potentially make it as an effective weapon against enemy forces that numbered many. The design is easy to move in a variety of conditions because they are lightweight and mounted on wheels.
3. Cluster Bomb

To destroy, weapons that have been known at the time, Da Vinci and then designing a highly lethal weapon, consisting of shells mixed in with clay then stuffed into a ball of iron. Once fired, the ball and it exploded into many pieces in large numbers with the range and deadly impact.

4. Chariots Scythed
This is one of the most beautiful works of Leonardo's manuscripts. horse-drawn carriage that is sketched which is surrounded by curved swords to cut the person in front, Da Vinci had ilustrasikannya with clear images and carnage
5. Cannon Barrage

Picture This sketch is the first picture from the book Codex Atlanticus. Figure it's own very comprehensive and quite interesting, which describes the radial plan of attack with sixteen cannons. The most interesting aspect of this project is the center of the bomber itself, place a pair of mechanical pedals and gear wheels, giving a glimpse of these heavy weapons.
6. Tank

This is probably one of the most famous of Da Vinci project. The idea is to make machines that cause panic and damage the enemy vehicle is shaped like a turtle reinforced with metal plates and rings plus some cannon.
In a job proposal to the Duke of Milan, Da Vinci said: "I can make armored cars, safe and unassailable, which will enter the proximity to the enemy artillery, and will not hurt the soldier driving it. The tanks could surprise and admiration "at the 15th-century technology might not be applicable because some of the serious constraints faced by Da Vinci that ultimately the project is negligible.
7. Stockade

Leonardo designed the intricate design of methods of defense. Here, when the wall is under attack, soldiers hidden behind a wall can be quickly and easily ward off enemy attacks dengan levers of the movement system. so that the enemy was on the stairs can easily be dropped.
8. Catapult
Catapult design basis has been used for hundreds of years before Da Vinci perfected it. He really made ​​it with various models. This particular design uses two springs to produce energy to move the stone projectiles from a distance that is more accurate and is used to hurl a projectile which stands beside the engine crank catapult.

9. Fort

The fort was designed with the concept of safe from attack, form a complex and innovative pertahananan presumably is an effective weapon against the effects of this form of design mematikan.Benteng very modern with a round tower and slightly inclined, exterior walls designed to withstand attacks from firearms . The king stayed in the center of the Palace as shown, is also a secret underground path. In addition, this castle has two levels of concentric walls, the topmost round, to help deflect the impact of cannon. Small holes allow it to fight the enemy from the outside with a small risk of injury.

10. Cannon that can be derived

Cannon is a very heavy war equipment, and when brought to battle very troublesome once the Da Vinci designed it with a structure that can be easily disassembled and transported, thus allowing the cannon can be moved easily.
11. Springald
The Springald is a device for throwing large bolts or rocks that are similar to contemporary crossbow that can diayunkan.Contoh this picture was found, but archaeologists did not find the engine. It is very likely that this is because the material used has been recycled when the tool is no longer useful.

12. Helicopter
This sketch was made ​​in 1493 and not discovered until the 19th century. The design consists of a spiral object-driven system is not perfect, but more than two hundred years later, the estimate becomes a reality.

13. Armor clad
Da Vinci's drawing of a ship-plated mild steel and on the bow of the ship is protected by a metal which is useful for destroying enemy ships or as a shield. Shield is then open at the proper range with the enemy ship after an open and lowered into the water and the shield that also functions as a brake.

14. Giant Crossbow
Crossbow is a very large dibnutuhkan six wheels to set the angle to improve stability of the bullet is not the arrow Crossbow melaikan berat.Busur balls that are made ​​with pieces of flexible wood that is bound and held in place by a pivoting pin. Has a length of approximately thirteen feet and with an elaborate system of mechanisms.

15. Siege Weapon
The model proposed by Leonardo as a machine designed to attack the wall of defense, consisting of bridge structures and armored to protect soldiers being injured in penetrating the enemy defense.