Friday, June 24, 2011

Navy to Buy Two Ship Survey

June 22, 2011, Jakarta (ANTARA News) - The Navy will buy two survey vessels and mapping above and below sea level for both defense and military interests and the public.

"The process of procurement, we have opened an open auction for the procurement of two ships," said Deputy Chief of Staff of the Navy Vice Admiral TNI Marsetio here on Wednesday.

Found after opening the national seminar hydro-oceanographic, he said, there have been several countries that volunteered to make the two vessels.

"There are already several companies and countries that offer themselves, but we have not decided which clearly all through the auction process," he told AFP.

About which countries are interested in the procurement of two ships, Marsetio claimed not obtain detailed data.

"What is clear already. Addition of ship survey and mapping above and below the sea surface is very important, to maximize the activities of a hydrographic and oceanographic data," he said.

Marsetio explain the geographical position of Indonesia located at the crossroads of two continents and two oceans has high consequences.

Therefore, further Marsetio, need to survey and mapping activities above and below sea level sufficient to know in detail the conditions, circumstances and what occurred in areas of national waters.

"Product quality survey and mapping according to national standards would be supported by buoyant vehicle (vessel) surveying and mapping as well as adequate and qualified human resources as well," he said.