Friday, June 24, 2011

How To Detect Breast Cancer

How To Detect Breast Cancer easy steps IN Indonesia, breast cancer still ranks second as a deadly disease. Early detection methods for breast self-exam is an easy step just went.

Cancers that this one was still a scourge for women. In fact, with early detection, the disease can be cured. For women older than 35 years, history of lactation, use of hormonal medications, and history of benign breast tumors should be more vigilant.

"In countries such as Europe and America, breast cancer is not too much because the women they have the awareness to early detection," said a specialist in internal medicine Setya Saptadi Basuki encountered in the examination of breast cancer counseling program in Jakarta.

Most breast cancer patients in Europe and America are found at an early stage to allow for handling and can be cured. While in Indonesia, a new breast cancer cases are always detected at an advanced stage. At that time, would be difficult to do the healing.

"More than 50 percent of new breast cancer patients come to the hospital already in an advanced stage so it takes a long time for healing. In addition, the cost was high and certainly pose a psychological burden is high enough, "continued Saptadi.

And if we can be more aware of our body's health, early detection of breast cancer is very easy and can be done alone at home.

Early inspection is conducted every few minutes, and within a period once a month, by doing breast self-examination (BSE). Maybe some people are still reluctant to perform breast self-exam. Because it could be, there is a sense of fear when he found "something" that is not understood and not yet ready to discover a lump in her body.

However, the more you examine your breasts regularly, will certainly get to know your body and increasingly easy to find something wrong. BSE detection has become an important part of health care that can protect you from the risk of breast cancer.

Breasts have bagianbagian (environment) which when palpated feels different. The upper side slightly to the side (near the armpit) tend to feel a big lumpy. Breast bottom feels like sand or gravel. Being part below the nipple feels like a bunch of large grains.

Sometimes there are also clumps that resemble a bowl. This condition can be different on every woman. Detecting breast self-exam is an early stage to help you recognize your own breasts environment. Well if there are changes in the breast, immediately consult a doctor.

"Most importantly, the patient can feel how the condition of her breasts sendiri.Apakah there is something that feels different than the surrounding environment, for example, there is a pea-sized lump of green in a big blob area," said Aniko gwendy physician, surgeon digestive BSE is not too difficult to do and should be done a week after menstruation, when breasts are soft and loose condition so that it easier to touch.

For some women who have entered the menopause, BSE should be done at any time, provided routinely performed every month.

"There are several stages of early detection of breast. First to see, and then try to massage, feel the breast, and the last one is feeling the armpit, "continued Dr. gwendy.

The first way of doing that is by melihat.Anda BSE could renounce all upper garments, and stood in front of the mirror with your arms raised up, see whether the size of your breasts symmetrical right and left. The second way of trying to massage the breast with both hands.

Massage your breasts gently from the edge to the puting.Hal was conducted to determine whether there is any discharge from the nipple. Usually the liquid will not come out if you are not breastfeeding. Next, do the fingering.

In this case, steps should be considered is the movement and pressure of your hand. The twist should be done with the power of different pressure.

"The movement using both hands do touch lightly, whether there is a lump near the skin surface," continued the doctor gwendy.

Most recent of the detection step is to do a breast self-touching the armpit around the breast. This is to determine the existence of a child suspected lumps cancer.

"If in his own examination found an abnormality, such as a small lump, see a doctor immediately spesialis.Yang become an important note for women is to never be afraid and delay to carry out checks," continued the doctor gwendy.