Friday, June 17, 2011

History TROY

Troy was an ancient city in the book of the Iliad, the epic poet of ancient Greece famous essay Homer.Kota and civilization was once considered a mere myth and fantasy, exactly the same stories about the civilization of Atlantis and Lemuria.

But the view was finally toppled, began after a British scholar, Charles McClaren, in 1822 argued that Homer's Troy is likely to be in Turki.Dia pointed to a large mound of earth called Hisarlik near the Dardanelles, a narrow sea area that connects Black Sea and the Aegean.

After that a German archaeologist, Heinrich Schiliemann, began to conduct excavations on the mound at Hisarlik in 1871. Only in 1873, Schliemann found the remains of a very ancient city which he believed to be the ruins of the civilization of Troy.

In addition, he and his crew also found a treasure trove of gold and silver
he called Priam's treasure, according to the legend of King Priam of Troy is mentioned in the epic Homer, Iliad. But unfortunately, a treasure-trove treasure instead he smuggled out of Turkey to take him to Europe.

Nine Layers City of Troy has been ravaged In 1876, Schliemann returned to Mycenae excavations in the region, Yunani.Dia found what he was thinking as the tomb of Agamemnon, an enemy of the nation's king of Troy in the Iliad epic.
It was not until the 1890s, Wilhelm Dorpfield shows that the mound in the region
Hisarlik composed of nine layers of remains of the city, of this invention could we know that Troy is very old age of civilization, it might be one era to the civilization of Atlantis.

Furthermore he said the possibility of civilization ended perfectly because the city was destroyed by earthquake and catastrophic flood that occurred during the nine kali.Setiap survivors rebuild on the ruins of the city. Schliemann thought that Troy was said by Homer is probably the Troy II (2), the layer of ruins of the second from the bottom. Meanwhile, according Dorpfield to argue it was Troy-VI.

Troy period of five according to the researchers may have come from the Bronze Age (around 3000 BC-1900 BC), whereas until now there has been no explanation about the civilization of Troy keberapakah intended Homer in the Iliad-nya.Yang course of civilization may be true comes from the era to -2/ke-3 ie when in an ice age 11000-10000 years ago.

Now, the puzzle of a civilization that was once considered merely a myth has been successfully solved and found the truth, just waiting for the development of searching the ruins of the civilization of Atlantis and Lemuria.