Friday, June 17, 2011

Konsep Yin Yang Atau Yinyang

The concept of Yin Yang or Yinyang (Hanzi) derived from ancient Chinese philosophy and metaphysics that explain every thing in the universe has eternal polarity of the two main forces are always opposite but always complementary. Yin is passive, sad, dark, feminine, responsive, and is associated with the night. That is active, bright, masculine, aggressive, and is associated with the day. Yin is symbolized by water, while symbolized by fire.

Yin (feminine, dark, passive) and Yang (masculine, bright, active nature) are the two elements complement each other. Every force in nature considered to have state of Yin and Yang.
Most likely the theory of Yin and Yang comes from the ancient agrarian religion. The concept of Yin Yang is known in Taoism and Confucianism, although the word Yin Yang appears only once in the book of Tao Te Ching is full of examples and explanation of the concept of balance. The concept of Yin Yang is a fundamental principle in traditional Chinese medicine which sets every organ has a yin and yang.

Everything looks merupkaan duality, yin and yang, but if we look inside the Yin Yang symbol itself, there is Yin within Yang and Yin are per se, it does show that there is no absolute anything absolute Yin or Yang. His second is a unity that can not be separated, which at its end will make us aware that there is no Yin and Yang, just emptiness.