Friday, June 17, 2011

The World's Most Beautiful Currency

Various currencies looks very beautiful, be it color, picture and also the overall design of this currency.
Mmm ... very nice addition indeed if this money is used, let alone polynomial huh? :), Was also beautiful to behold. The currency of the country is most beautiful? According to David Standish, author of The Art Money f there are several currencies in the world are considered to be very beautiful ...

These are some of the most beautiful currency in the world according to David Standish.

The French Pacific Territories Franc
(Currency French Pacific Region)

The Maldives Rufiyaa
(Currency of the Republic of Maldives)

Sao Tome & Principe Dobras
(Currency A Small Country In the Gulf of Guiana-Africa)

Switzerland Francs
(Swiss Currency)

Comoro Franc
(Currency Comoro-Small Island States in Africa)

New Zealand Dollar
(Currency Country New Zealand)

Hong Kong Dollar
(Currency Hongkon)

Iceland Kronurs
(Currency of Iceland)

Faroe Island Kronurs
(Currency Faroe Islands-North Atlantic)