Friday, June 17, 2011

Mysterious Creatures Spare Loway

This mysterious creature was first alluded to in his autobiography famous Kriptozolog named Dr. Ross E Hutchins, titled "Trails to Nature's Mysteries: The Life of a Working Naturalist" which was published in 1977. In it displayed a black and white photo strange creature was taken by the grandfather of Dr. Ross himself. In the book, Dr. Ross acknowledged that he could not determine what type of creature for sure.
Earlier in 1886, Israel Ammon Hutchins, grandfather of Dr. Ross Hutchins discovered and shot dead the great strange dog at his ranch in Madison River valley, north of Ennis, Montana.

Then Israel to preserve the carcass and then donate them to an expert taksidermis named Joseph Sherwood. Sherwood then put the carcass has been preserved to the glass box and exhibited in museum he owned in the river near Henry, Idaho. Sherwood said the specimen with the name "Ringdocus'.

Ringdocus story then forgotten until one day a man named Mark Hall offending kriptozolog sightings of strange creatures that look like dogs in Nebraska, Iowa, Illinois and Alberta. Mr. Hall then refer to the photos taken by Hutchins to describe the creature.
In addition to Mark Hall, Loren Coleman is another kriptozolog researching these creatures. In 1995, Coleman was approached by an Ioway Indian tribe named Lance Foster. Lance told Coleman that among the Ioway Indian tribe there is a strange creature who cries like a human when killed. Foster description similar to a hyena and specimens killed Hutchins exactly like its description.

Shunka Warak'in in Ioway Indian language means "a dog". This name was given because residents are often caught Shunka Ioway tribe settles Warak'in-ngendap in tents and then took away their dog.

Shunka Warak'in described as a dark hairy creature with a head like a dog, has a high shoulder and back down with short legs and settles in the territory of Montana, Illinois, Nebraska and Iowa. This description indicates that this creature may be a mixture between a wolf and Hyena.

Some suspect that Shunka Warak'in kriptozolog is hyaenodon, ancient dogs that have been extinct. While Loren Coleman guessed that this creature is Borophagus ancient creatures that still survive until modern times.

Interestingly is the similarity between the description Shunka Warak'in by El Chupacabra, a dog that likes to kill animals and is believed to suck out their blood.

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Supposedly, the specimens are preserved with remarkable was handed over to scientists for further investigation, particularly to examine its DNA. But a few years ago, the specimen had disappeared from the public. It is said that he moved into an area in Yellowstone.

After reading the story about this creature in October 2007, Jack Kirby, grandson of Israel Hutchins others decided to track the whereabouts of this specimen until it is found in the Museum of Natural History in Pocatello. The museum was finally agreed to lend it to Kirby specimens for display at the Madison Valley History Museum. Finally, the researchers can conduct further research on this specimen.

Further research is then provide additional information that has not been publicly known. This dog-sized 122 cm from the tip of its snout to the bottom (not including the tail). The distance the tip of his head from the ground is 70 cm. This creature has a short snout and a dark coat.

Maybe Shunka warak'in legend is not just a creature that is in fairy tales. In December 2005 until November 2006, the Montana resident reported a strange wolves that kill their livestock. It was estimated about 120 cattle were killed in Garfield County, Montana.

Some kriptozolog suspect maybe it is a deed Shunka Warak'in.