Friday, June 17, 2011

Very horrible, Monitoring Swine Flu (H1N1) Around the World Stopped

* Because of the rapid spread, on July 6, 2009, the WHO finally stop monitoring the number of people infected with swine flu. The latest figures (July 19, 2009), mentions that the flu has spread in 160 countries, infecting 137,215 people and caused 800 people dead. Although relatively small percentage of his death, but it is alarming is the deaths occurred in developed countries that have a health care system is relatively good.
* WHO has stated that the Swine flu "Unstoppable" and enter the stage 6 which is "widespread Human Infection".
* For example the UK has been overwhelmed to deal with the spread of swine flu. All patients are required to stay home alone, is not recommended to the Hospital and go to the website handling a pandemic flu chapter i .
Within 1 (one) hour, 9 million people visited the website.
These websites help analyze whether a person suffering from flu or other similar diseases such as meningitis. Then when it is confirmed have an indication of disease contracted flu, at the end of the website will provide a number for swine flu drug taking. Watch the video.

* THE SITUATION IN INDONESIA According to the WHO on July 23, there are 322 cases in Indonesia. In southeast Asia, Indonesia ranked second after Thailand.
* Ministry of Health provides a special website to cope with the flu Chapter i. Here's his website !
* How to prevent the spread of flu through the steps "hygiene" (Personal Hygiene) and increase the resilience of the body (eating nutritious foods, drink plenty of water and get enough rest). View poster frame on the left of the WHO.
* One of the most effective prevention is to wash hands. To the extent that the WHO teaches in detail the best methods of hand washing. View poster frame on the left of the WHO. Ways of proper hand washing.
* Some countries have started to inject the vaccine. This article ever written about a year ago. But this time seems to Indonesia's too late if you want to prepare the vaccine, because all countries in the world is scrambling ..
The following characteristics when a person develops flu:

* Heat loss exceeds 38 C
* Feel tired (lethargy)
* No appetite
* Nose flow
* Feeling sore throat when swallowing
* Cough
* Sore muscles
* Connection of bone pain
* Nausea and vomiting want
* Diarrhea

When the symptoms above, please contact 100 hospitals in Indonesia are able to treat people with flu. Here's a list of 100 official from the MOH hospitals are able to handle the Pandemic Bird Flu (Swine Flu later).
There are three hospitals in Jakarta, and there are only three (3) Hospital recommendation is that if you get flu, namely:

1. Dr. RSPI Sulianti Saroso - New Jl Sunter Permai Raya Jakarta - 021-6506559
2. RSU Friendship - Friendship Jl Raya No.1 - 021-4891708, 4891745, 4751741
3. Gatot Subroto Army Hospital - Jl Dr A Rachman Saleh No. 24, Jakarta Pusat - 021-3441008 021-3840702

Similarly, some information and hopefully helpful.