Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Mysterious Black Clots During the 12 miles Appears in Alaska

July 15, 2009, A mysterious black blob appears along the 12 miles at sea near the coast of arctic Alaska. 1st class coast guard named Terry Hasenauer said, 'chunks' that looks like a living biological organism. It appears not like oil spills or waste. From the smell, I believe it is a marine organism. " Moreover, there is no reported oil spills in the region.

Clots were seen striking than the fraction of ice that float in the crystal clear sea water. Hasenauer said that the coast guard has taken samples for analysis. The results may be out next week. When taking a sample, the coast guard found the jellyfish and sea birds that died trapped inside the mass.

This strange phenomenon has been reported appears in Florida about eight years ago. The researchers can only provide initial conclusion that the mass is a kind of alien marine algae.

UPDATE July 21, 2009
The test results of these mysterious black blob out on July 17, 2009 and confirmed allegations that some of these clumps is a collection of marine algae. It is still not known whether the marine algae is harmful or not.

Which disturb the minds of the population is, the algae were never seen before, even by the most elderly residents though. Algae are known to arise in most U.S. coastal and marine areas. Sometimes several types of algae are toxic and dangerous enough to cause the beach was closed for a while.

According to Prof. Brenda Koner, a marine biologist, marine algae are common appeared on the Arctic sea. Just need the right combination, then it creates a collection of algae. But according to black clumps of algae are indeed a bit strange. But he could only give provisional estimates that the anomaly was due to global warming.