Tuesday, June 14, 2011

INDIGO Ever Know

The color indigo is the dominant color of the aura colors (blue-red). Indigo color show the third eye chakra, the energy center of psychic activity, which is open on Indigo children. Indigo Children understand the differences are very thin between the world of invisible and spiritual world, and they have the ability to access information from here, that others can not afford. Most of the Indigo child behavior can be understood from this aspect.

The definition of indigo child is a child who shows a set of psychological attributes of new and extraordinary, and shows a pattern of behavior generally undocumented before. This pattern has a unique factors common, which suggests that people who interact with them changing the treatment and care for them in order to achieve balance. Ignoring these new patterns will most likely mean creating an imbalance and frustration in the minds of this precious new life.

Physically and emotionally they are very sensitive. They are also very caring and empathy for others, too few to be seen not heartless. Indigo Children can be irritable and rude, they need the confidence that he accepted and require counseling. Indigo also have a sense of depression at a young age if they feel do not why they were born or feel mempu not do anything to improve the world.

In addition, people usually belong to a special Indigo (usually have IQ Intelligence Quotient-over 120 and has a tendency to have supernatural abilities) but often have problems with learning in the school system in general.