Tuesday, June 14, 2011

2nd President of Indonesia The Escape From History

Sjafruddin & Mr Assaat
The forgotten name is Sjafruddin Prawiranegara who served presidents on Emergency Government of the Republic of Indonesia (Emergency) of 22 December 1948 to July 13, 1949. Sjafruddin addition, an undocumented president is Mr. Assaat who assumes office as President of the Republic of Indonesia (GoI) in the period December 27, 1949 until August 15, 1950, after the Round Table Conference (RTC).

"Maybe because of negligent, but may also deliberate," said an observer of history Muchlis Muchtar in Padang, West Sumatra, on Wednesday (2 / 9).

Muchlis explains, Sjafruddin served as president and concurrently minister of defense, foreign and domestic lighting ad interim in the Emergency Government that was formed to save the government of Indonesia. At that time, the Netherlands has just launched a military aggression to-2 on December 19, 1948 in the capital city of Indonesia which was based in Yogyakarta. The Netherlands also hold the President and Vice President, Soekarno-Hatta.

On the sidelines of the arrest, Sukarno sent a telegram to Sjafruddin who served as Minister for Welfare of Indonesia and was in Bukittinggi, West Sumatra. To Sjafruddin, Sukarno called for an emergency government formed in Sumatra if the government can not carry out its obligations again.

Sjafruddin and other national figures in Sumatra and then formed Emergency Government to save the country who are in danger due to vacancy position of head of government. In fact, the position became one of the requirements to be recognized internationally as a country. Emergency was proclaimed December 22, 1948 in the village of page, about 15 Kilometers from Payakumbuh.

Position of President and concurrently secretary of defense, and foreign lighting filled ad interim Sjafruddin then ended after he handed back his mandate to Sukarno, who returned to Yogyakarta on 13 July 1949. Emergency Government History came to an end.

Meanwhile, Mr. Stakeholder Assaat once believed served as President of the Republic of Indonesia (GoI) in the period December 27, 1949 until August 15, 1950. Position is mandated to Mr. Assaat, after December 27, 1949 Round Table Conference agreement ordered the Dutch government handed over sovereignty of the Republic of Indonesia kepasa government of Indonesia (RIS).

RIS is a state union consisting of 16 states, one of which is the Republic of Indonesia (RI), which was led by stakeholders while the position of President, Mr. Assaad. Positions were filled by Mr. Soekarno and Hatta Assaat designated as the President and Vice President of RIS and the leadership of RI empty.

According Muchlis, Mr. Assaat current role is important because if the RI without leadership, there is a vacancy in Indonesia's history. Title Mr Assaat as temporary holders of office of President of Indonesia, ended after the Netherlands and internationally acknowledged return of sovereignty of Indonesia.

RIS was merged into the Republic of Indonesia (NKRI) on August 15, 1950. Sukarno and Hatta re-defined to be the President and Vice President, while Mr Assaat position as holders of office while the President declared an end.