Tuesday, June 14, 2011

10 Instructions When Earthquakes Happen

If the earthquake menguncang sudden, here are 10 clues that can help them grip wherever you are.

1. Inside the house
Vibration will be felt for a moment. During that time, you should seek the safety of yourself and your family. Go to the bottom of the table to protect your body from falling objects. If you do not have a table, protect your head with pillows.

If you're lighting the stove, then turn off immediately to prevent fires.

2. At school
Shelter under the under the table, protect your head with a bag or a book, do not panic, if the quake eased out sequentially starting from the farthest distance to the door, find the field, do not stand near buildings, poles and trees.

3. Outdoors
Protect to you and avoid dangerous objects. In the area of office buildings or industrial areas, the danger could arise from the collapse of the glass and billboards. Protect your head by hand, bag or whatever you carry.

4. In buildings, malls, cinemas, and the ground floor mall
Do not cause panic or a victim of panic. Follow all instructions from the officer or security guard.

5. In the elevator
Do not use the elevator during an earthquake or fire. If you feel the vibrations of an earthquake while in the elevator, then press all the buttons. When the elevator stops, get out, see the safety and mengungsilah. If you're stuck in a lift, contact the building manager by using Interphones if available.

6. On the train
Tightly hold onto the pole so you will not fall if the train stopped abruptly. Be calm following the explanation of the railway officials. Misunderstand the information officer or station wagon will cause panic.

7. In the car
When a large earthquake occurs, you will feel as if your car wheels bald. You will lose control of the car and hard to control it. Stay away from the crossing, Pull off your car at the side of the road and stop. Follow the instructions from the car radio. If you must evacuate it out of the car, leave the car unlocked.

8. On the mountain / beach
There is a possibility of landslides occurred from the top of the mountain. Get away to safety immediately. On the coast, the danger comes from the tsunami. If you feel the vibrations and signs of tsunamis appear, quickly fled to high ground.

9. Give help
It can be predicted that many people will be injured during a major earthquake. Because of health workers from hospitals will have difficulty coming to the scene, so be prepared to give first aid to people around you.

10. Listen information
When a large earthquake occurs, the community mental shock. To prevent panic, it is important everyone be calm and act in accordance with the correct information. You can obtain information yag right of local authorities or police. Do not act because the information people are not clear.