Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Indonesia-South Korea military exercise Jajaki SAR Submarine

June 9, 2011, Jakarta (AFP): Army Navy and Navy of South Korea (ROK) have agreed to explore the submarine rescue exercises together, to enhance professionalism and skills dimension of marine soldiers of both countries.

Navy spokesman First Admiral TNI Tri Prasodjo when confirmed ANTARA News here on Thursday, said the cooperation and the second joint naval exercise has been going well.

"All forms of cooperation and joint exercises, regularly discussed in the forum navy navy to navy-talk between the two countries, one of which was agreed to be explored is the submarine rescue exercises together," he said.

Besides joint exercises, the two navies also conduct cooperation in education and exchange of visits by officers, said Tri added.

Dialogue between the two navies conducted a two-day state since Wednesday, was attended by Assistant Naval Operations Admiral South Korea Kim Kyung-sik.

Previously, Kyung Sik a courtesy to the Armed Forces Commander Admiral TNI Agus Suhartono.

The visit aims to strengthen military cooperation between the two countries in the fields of training, operations, and education can be improved in the future.