Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Prove Indonesian TNI Shipping Create World Order

June 10, 2011, London (AFP): Delivery of TNI soldiers to different areas of conflict show Indonesia plays an active role in creating a world order in accordance with the mandate of the Constitution of 1945.

That is one point of exposure Defense Minister Purnomo Yusgiantoro, in front of about 200 participants at the conference titled "Regional Architecture in Southeast Asia" held the Royal Higher Institute for Defense, the Defense Ministry and Embassy in Brussels Belgium in Brussels, Belgium recently.

Purnomo was the first defense minister who gave a public lecture at the think tank or "think tank" this Belgian defense, according to Secretary III Information, Cultural Affairs and Public Diplomacy Embassy in Brussels, London Punjul Nugraha told Antara on Friday.

Punjul Nugraha explained on the conference Yusgiantoro stressed that the world is safe, orderly and peaceful is the responsibility of all nations, and Indonesia have emphasized these principles since its independence.

Concrete evidence that role is Indonesia's participation in various peacekeeping within the framework of the United Nations, through the delivery Garuda contingent, which began 50 years ago.

Purnomo also underlined that Indonesia is very strategic location plays a role in maintaining regional security, especially maritime security in the waters of Indonesia and surrounding areas that are vital for the smooth running of world trade.

Several participants expressed their appreciation for Indonesia's role and contribution in securing the Strait of Malacca and Singapore Straits, as well as sending peacekeeping missions in various parts of the world.

Defence highlighting the challenges and potential threats to Indonesian security whether it came from outside or from within, as well as strategic priorities in addressing it.

Defense Minister also highlighted the current situation in ASEAN, including developments on the border of Thailand and Cambodia, as well as ASEAN's role in reducing tensions in the region.

Cooperation priorities established in ASEAN include maritime security, terrorism prevention, preparedness and emergency response for disasters, and the development of joint operation of peace missions.

While in Belgium, in addition to being a speaker at the conference, Yusgiantoro also held a meeting with Belgian Defense Minister Pieter de Crem and Chairman of the EU Military Committee, General Hakan Syren and met with several representatives from Belgium strategic industry.

Ambassador in Brussels, Arif Havas Oegroseno said the presence of Defense Minister Purnomo Yusgiantoro in Brussels has significance, one of them, is a form of European recognition of Indonesia's role in creating and maintaining world peace.

Ambassador Arif Havas Oegroseno explain Yusgiantoro received by the Belgian Minister of Defence and senior officials in the EU is a momentum to increase mutual trust between both parties on the issues of defense and security-sensitive, so Mr Havas.