Tuesday, June 14, 2011

OV-10 Bronco cite this as a Monument

OV-10 Bronco in Lanud Maimun Saleh, NAD.

June 7, 2011, Malang (Malang Post): OV-10 Bronco aircraft which are not used anymore in Lanud Abdul Rachman Saleh will dimuseumkan and made monuments. Many parties have put forward the establishment of monuments Bronco, including the city of Malang. Of the seven aircraft in air base Bronco Saleh Abd, one plane has been memorialized in Yogyakarta Mandala Air and Space Museum.

Commander of TNI Marsma Lanud Abd Saleh A. Dwi Putranto asserted, requests Bronco aircraft to be used as a monument to go through the rafters. Of the seven aircraft in air base Bronco Saleh Abd, one plane has been taken to Yogyakarta to dimuseumkan, plans one more flight will be a monument in Lanud Abd Saleh and another one will be a monument in the Field Rampal.

"Malang has also pleaded for making Bronco aircraft as a monument that will be installed at Rampal. Currently, we are asking the application to the rafters to get permission, "said Saleh Abd Danlanud to Malang Post, yesterday.

The plane was nicknamed Wild Horses digrounded since a few years ago, after a time of an accident that befell some training aircraft fighter made by the United States. The plane was based at Air Base Squadron 21 Air Abd. Saleh.

OV-10 Bronco was produced in 1976, and began to use the Air Force in 1979. Because there are three aircraft that will be used in monuments, Danlanud not know about the four other aircraft that still exist at the air base Saleh Abd. "The aircraft was taken to Yogyakarta with diprotoli, including the engine. So do not be flown, "he said.

The plan, most rapidly in August, Lanud Abd Saleh was going to get a replacement aircraft Bronco has purchased from the Brazilian Air Force. His successor, the Super Tucano fighter planes that have been contracted to purchase in October 2010.

To prepare substitute a more advanced fighter aircraft from the Bronco, the institute has prepared technical things to welcome the arrival of aircraft to be used for tactical combat it. One of them with flying training pilots who will be prepared for the Super Tucano will be accepted at the air base Saleh Abd. "The plan, 15 months after the contract last October, the new aircraft had arrived. Most rapid 11 months is about to come. This aircraft will further strengthen air defense held Air Force, "he said.