Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Parliament Discuss Grant F-16 from United States

F-16 Air Force. (Photo: Lanud Iswahjudi)

June 10, 2011, Jakarta (ANTARA News): Members of the House of Representatives Commission I of the Democratic Party, Nurhayati Ali Assegaf revealed, it was discussed some government proposals in the field of major weapons systems development tools, including fighter grant type F-16 from United States .

"Including the grant of military aircraft types of the F-16 from the USA that require substantial cost," he told AFP on Friday.

Vice Chairman of the Inter-Agency Cooperation (BKSAP) House of Representatives, the other states included in the discussion is about education and joint military exercises as well as the needs in other defense areas.

"In a hearing (RDP) earlier this week with Secretary of Defense (SecDef), we will explore the Budget Ministry and State Institutions (RAKL) proposed by the government (through the Ministry of Defence)," he said.

He said the government has proposed defense budget amounted to Rp80 trillion, and rationalized in the discussion in the House of Representatives (Commission I) to only Rp61 trillion.

Nurhayati argued that in principle, the House of Representatives Commission I always support increased budgets in accordance with the needs of partners. House of Representatives Commission I overseeing defense and foreign as well as intelligence

"But, not long agree. We need to study and review by doing a variety of` try out 'on all data sources as well as the problem, only given a recommendation or an agreement to be followed up, for the sake of the people and nation, "said Ali Assegaf Nurhayati.