Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Battalion Zipur I Dhira Dharma Kodam I / BB Fox Green Berets So

A number of soldiers from Battalion Zipur-1/Dhira Dharma tradition of throwing hats do after the inauguration ceremony beret changes in Medan, North Sumatra, on Friday (10 / 6). Yon Zipur-1/Dhira beret Dharma has changed color from gray to green color for uniformity in the use of Army Uniforms (Gamad) with the aim of develop a sense of pride and instill a love of the units in performing their duties to the nation and state. (Photo: AFP / Septianda Perdana/Koz/pd/11)

July 10, 2011, Medan (EKSPOSnews): Combat Engineering Battalion (Zipur) I Dhira Regional Military Command dharma I Bukit Barisan beret unit change from gray to green which is the hallmark of the Army.

The process of change beret was carried out in a ceremony at Mako Zipur I Dhira Dharma in Medan, Friday, June 10, 2011, with expert staff of inspectors ceremony Kodam I Bukit Barisan Czi Colonel Steel Bungaran.

When I read the mandate of the Bukit Barisan Military Commander Maj. Gen. Leo Siegers, Colonel Steel said the beret is a symbol that can boast soldiers to their units.

In the presence beret, all soldiers are expected to provide performance with maximum results.

Therefore, the change to green beret that is the hallmark of the Army, soldiers Yon Zipur I Dhira Dharma is also expected to maximize its performance.

Change beret was also intended to Zipur First Battalion soldiers Dhira Dharma more creative and innovative in the task and able to display the figure of professional soldiers that people with high morality and reliable.

This is because the change does not alter the beret was a symbol of Battalion Zipur I Dhira Dharma ie "Yudha Bhakti Karya Satya".

Battalion commander Lt. Col. Dharma Zipur I Dhira Czi Rizal Ramdani say, it was a policy change beret Army Chief of Staff Gen. George Toisutta to increase the compactness of soldiers.

During this time, quite a lot of color beret in the Army environment, giving rise to the impression of a lack of cohesiveness among the soldiers.

Beret color difference is only valid for five units of the Kopassus (red), Raider (dark green), Cavalry (black), Artillery (golden brown), and Military Police (blue).