Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Bappenas: Procurement Under Alutsista TNI Priority Scale

A number of Marine Corps soldier checks rifle during a visit by Minister of Planning / Head of Bappenas Prof. Dr. Armida S. Alisjahbana at Pier Koarmatim Ujung Surabaya, on Friday (10 / 6). The visit was to review the readiness of the defense equipment owned by the TNI-AL, make sure in good condition to support the integrity of the Unitary Republic of Indonesia. (Photo: AFP / M Risyal Hidayat/ss/mes/11)

June 10, 2011, Surabaya (ANTARA News): Minister of National Development Planning / Head of Bappenas Armida S Alisjahbana asserted, the procurement of major weapons systems (defense equipment) within the TNI must prioritize priorities and meet minimum basic needs.

"The government is committed to accelerating the fulfillment of MEF (Minimum Essential Forces) first stage in a period of five years," he told reporters on the sidelines of a working visit to the Eastern Fleet Command RI (Koarmatim) in Surabaya, on Friday.

During the visit, Minister of Planning / Head of Bappenas was accompanied by TNI TNI Commander Rear Admiral Agus Suhartono, KSAL Soeparno Admiral TNI, and some officials of Defence Ministry, National Development Planning Agency, and the TNI headquarters.

Armida admit is still a lot of defense equipment needed to support military duty. However, the required budget is also not a little so there should be accountability and functioning effectively.

"Priority MEF (Minimum Basic Strength) alutsista dependent 'user' (TNI), which is coordinated by the Ministry of Defence. All must be integrated, including the revitalization of its defense industry," he added.

He added that his visit to Koarmatim and proceed to the PT PAL aims to determine the progress of achieving the MEF, related to the development of the domestic defense industry.

According to the Armida, as an archipelagic country, the government is trying to implement a long-term economic program, which one of the main program in it is a military defense equipment procurement and shipping industry.

"Both should be developed together with the attention the extent to which a positive impact on the economy," he added.

A passing bicycle beside KRI sickle-641 which dock at Pier Koarmatim Madura, Ujung Surabaya, on Friday (10 / 6). KRI sickle-641 is a type of warship missile speedboats children of the nation's work under the PT Palindo Marine that add strength in the ranks of the KRI to keep the sea NKRI a wealth of natural resources is high. (Photo: AFP / M Risyal Hidayat/Koz/pd/11)

Pangarmatim, Laksda TNI Bambang Suwarto (second right), accompanied by Dankormar, Mayjend TNI (Mar) M Alfan Baharudin (third right) observe KRI sickle-641 crew tried to gun the engine (machine gun) caliber 12.7. (Photo: AFP / M Risyal Hidayat/Koz/pd/11)

On that occasion, the Head of Bappenas and the group saw some Navy-owned defense equipment on display at Koarmatim, such as Russian-made amphibious tank, warship KRI KRI sickle and Banjarmasin, and a number of weapons and munitions equipment.

KRI sickle which is a type of warship missile speedboats and recently joined the ranks of the Navy in late April 2011, is the production of the domestic shipping industry PT Palindo Marine, Batam.

Likewise warship KRI Banjarmasin of type "Landing Platform Dock" (LPD) were the work of PT PAL and joined the ranks of the Navy since the end of 2010. While the weapons and ammunition production equipment PT Pindad.