Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Army-US Army Joint Degree Exercise Garuda Shield 2011

Exercise Director Kodiklat Army Brigadier Gen. Mulyono (5 left), accompanied by Brigadier-General Michele Compton (3 right) from the U.S. Army (USARPAC) provides information on the journalists after the opening practice with the Garuda Shield 2011 in the Education Center Zeni Kodiklat Army, Bogor, Jabar, Friday (10 / 6). Training for 12 days followed by 631 Army and 141 people from USARPAC aims to improve the ability of cooperation (interoperability) between trainees and setting up a means of capacity development for the state sending UN troops. (Photo: ANTARA/Jafkhairi/pd/11)

June 10, 2011, Bogor (Pos Kota): Director Exercises Kodiklat Army Brigadier Gen. Mulyono accompanied by Brigadier-General Michele Compton of the U.S. Army opened the joint exercise Garuda Shield 2011 in the Education Center for Army Engineers Kodiklat Jl. General Sudirman Bogor City, on Friday (06/10/2011).

The opening of this joint exercise was attended by military and civil officials including Bogor Mayor Diani Budiarto present. The joint exercises will be held for 12 days followed by 631 men from the Army and 141 men from the United States Army (USARPAC).

Army Chief of Staff (Army) Gen. George Toisutta in his written speech read by the Director of Training Kodiklat Army Brigadier General TNI Mulyono said the joint exercise Garuda Shield 2011 is intended to improve the capability and professionalism of the participants exercise of sharing material in furtherance of the peace operations standards susuai UN or the Standard Generic Training Module (SGTM).

According to him, this exercise aims to enhance interoperability among the participants training and capacity building to prepare the means for the country or sending UN troops Troop contributing Countries (TCC), as well as improve relations between the participating countries exercise "added Army Chief of Staff.

Army's hope through this joint exercise, will increasingly strengthen the professionalism of the soldiers who once more and deepen and strengthen cooperation between the Army and USARPAC, with based on mutual trust and mutual respect.

In addition, the Army asserted, as a professional soldier, training becomes a key requirement to ensure the successful implementation of tasks and the readiness of forces in dealing with a variety of possible tasks with different characteristics and different regional characteristics of the countries that experienced komflik, requires handling pattern not the same between one area of ​​operation with other operating areas.

Therefore, we need a realistic training scenarios, close to the actual conditions of field work, so hopefully the surgery will be successful implementation of good view, said Gen. George Toisutta.

While Brigadier General Michele Compton of the U.S. Army, said this exercise is an interactive exercise involving the Army and the United States Army. This activity not only in military terms, but as a partner in the Pacific region. "The exercise Garuda Shield has been stepped on in the fifth year," he said.

For that he was invited to continue the mission together to develop the knowledge and experience in peace support operations and stability operations through interacting in a joint exercise between the two countries.

In the exercise Garuda Shield rehearsal was held the command of two countries with emphasis on peace support operations, field rehearsal emphasized how the deal with homemade explosives. It also held a joint humanitarian bhakti build a modern public service buildings, and here can learn from each other.

Michele Compton hope, with this activity can continue to maintain lasting friendships, which will be enriched pertemenan during Garuda Shield. "The United States Army is very enthusiastic to be working with the Army of the TNI," he concluded.