Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Beautiful Flower The Deadly Poppy

Poppy flowers belong to the species of wild flowers that usually grow clustered on the prairie or the mountains. Flower type is now much cultivated as an ornamental plant. The diversity of attractive colors such as pink, white, yellow, orange, blood red, blue, or purple flowers make it quite attractive.

It has long been the poppies used as a symbol of death or long sleep. Extract opium from poppy and blood red color often associated with these two things. In Roman culture, this flower is used as offerings to the dead and carved on gravestones as a symbol of eternal sleep. Another version says interest is regarded as a sign of reincarnation after death.

In Europe and the Commonwealth countries, poppies - especially the red - is often used to commemorate the victims of World War I on November 11 every year, both soldiers and civilians. In New Zealand and Australia, poppies symbolize the Returned Services Association on the anniversary of ANZAC Day every April 25. Type golden poppy became the official state flower of California in America.

Opium is produced from the liquid obtained from the petals of a poppy - Papaver somniferum Latin name - after bloom. Although a small percentage, * almost all parts of this flower may contain raw materials or narcotic alkaloids, especially morphine and codeine. Because of its morphine content of this, a poppy seed banned in Singapore and due to religious reasons also become a taboo in Saudi Arabia.

Production of opium until now concentrated in Afghanistan. Until 1991, there is the term to refer to the Golden Triangle of Thailand, Laos and Burma (now Myanmar) as the main producer of opium.

Formerly pure opium is often used in Chinese recipes until the 18th century. Sucking habit of opium was first discovered d Formosa (now Taiwan). Opium time it was used as one of drug therapies in addition to other recreational functions. VOC see the opportunity and time to this opium trade in Europe in addition to coffee, tea and spices from Indonesia.

Until recently, opium addiction remains a social and medical problem worldwide. Morphine is a painkiller the most effective. Codeine is indicated as an efficacious cough medicine and in minimal doses to stop diarrhea.
Strangely, poppy seeds are consumed in many parts of Europe. Poppy seeds are often eaten with pasta or boiled with milk. Poppy seed or maanzaad in Dutch is often used as fill or topping of bread products. Poppy seeds are also often used in Bengali cuisine in India.

Poppy or klaproos in Dutch have a long history. This flower is known as a decorative ornament in Mesopotamia since 5000 years before Christ. Flower type is found in many ancient Egyptian tombs. In Greek mythology, the poppy is associated with Demeter - goddess of fertility and agriculture.

Modern-life, poppy flowers are often used as a decorative addition to any other dominant flowers like roses, tulips, lilies, orchids or sunflowers. Dried petals can also be used as decorative trim .* This attractive flowers deserve a special place in private gardens or city parks.
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