Tuesday, June 14, 2011

10 World's Largest Group of Mafia

Mafia refers to secret groups involved in organized crime spread across many countries. They are usually called by the name of the country they came from and most members of these nations. They usually aspire to have a monopoly on illegal activities such as drugs, firearms trafficking, etc.. Here is an article about mafia groups and their activities. They are listed in order to increase their influence in the world.

1. Jamaican-British Yardies
Yardies Jamaica is a Jamaican-British who had emigrated to Britain in the 1950s. They are involved in gang violence and was known as Yardies. They make organized crime such as drug trafficking and other gun crimes.

2. Albanian Mafia
Albanian mafia consists of a large number of criminal organizations based in Albania. They are active in the United States and European countries. It is said that the Albanian mafia spread to the international level in the 1980s. Albanian organized crime from the 15th century. In the United States and Britain, they run a sex and drug trafficking.

3. Serbian Mafia
Serbian Mafia operates in more than ten countries including Germany, the United States, Britain, France, etc.. They are involved in different activities such as drug trafficking, smuggling, contract killing, gambling and theft. There are three major groups, namely Vozdovac, Surcin and Zemun that control small groups. Currently there are around 30-40 working group in Serbia.

4. Israeli Mafia
Israeli Mafia worked in many countries in activities such as narcotics, drug trafficking and prostitution. Times have changed, as the Israeli mafia ever in awe and is known to support, but now they are cruel and not think twice to kill. Russian-Israeli Mafia has permeated the U.S. political system so that U.S. forces failed to make significant progress in stopping them.

5. Mexican Mafia
Mexican Mafia is a very powerful prison gangs in the United States. It began in the late 1950s and to protect prisoners against other inmates and from the officers. This gang has also been involved in extortion and drug trafficking. They have about 30,000 members across the United States. The gang members are sometimes sports a tattoo with the general design of which is the national symbol of Mexico with a circle of light and crossed knives. It is said that there are 150 members of the prison who have the authority to order murders and 2000, the association that will run this command. They forced the gangs and dealers to pay taxes and protection of those who refuse will be killed.

6. Japanese Yakuza
Japanese Yakuza is the organized crime group that uses genuine threats and extortion to obtain their goals. Found in the 17th century. Some members even got a tattoo the entire body. Has 110,000 members active in this group that originated from the 2500 family. They are involved in the protection business, importing pornography uncensored from Europe and America, prostitution and illegal immigration.

7. Chinese Triads
Chinese triads consist of many criminal organizations based in Mainland China, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, etc.. They are also very active in New York, Los Angeles, Seattle, Vancouver is also San Francisco. their organized crime involving theft, murder contracts, drug trafficking, extortion, hijacking, etc.. now engaged in piracy as well. They began in the 18th century. Formerly called the Tian Di Hui. Triad can have 50 to more than 30,000 members. They are also involved in counterfeiting the Chinese currency.

8. Colombian Drug Cartel
Colombian Drug Cartel was formed primarily to control the drug trade. They operate in many countries. They have a lot of organizations involved in the political, military and legal aspects. Cartel Cartel Columbia is important from Cali, Medellin Cartel and Cartel Norte del Valle. At one point the cartel is threatened by an extradition treaty between the U.S. and Columbia. King of hiding and ordered its members to kill their supporters. They also have been involved in many kidnappings and terrorism.

9. Sicilian Cosa Nostra in America
Sicilian and American Cosa Nostra is a relatively new group. Beginning in the second half of the nineteenth century in Italy. Despite being a young mafia, he has a great ability to plan major crime and get away with it. They are involved in the business of protection, drug and arms trafficking, criminal business mediation are some things that Sicilian and American Cosa Nostra was involved in it. This gang has a small number of members ranges from 3500-4000. In addition to members, they have associates who are not members of the right. A member must undergo initiation rites in which they must kill someone to prove himself. Each member must follow the code of silence.

10. Russian Mafia
Russian Mafia came from the Soviet Union and now has influence throughout the world. This gang has between 100,000 to 500,000 members. They are involved in organized crime in countries such as Israel, Hungary, Spain, Canada, UK, USA, Russia, etc.. They also immigrated to Israel, America and Germany using Jewish and German identity. Their activities include drug and firearms trafficking, bombing, smuggling, pornography, internet fraud, etc.. One of those rules is to never cooperate with authorities. If one of the members go to talk when arrested, they would be killed. They feared for their vandalism, terrorism, organ trafficking and contract killings.