Tuesday, June 14, 2011

10 The purpose of Indonesian Students

In this world, Indonesia is one country that has a number of students who are very numerous and potentially, but naasnya education facilities in Indonesia is still far behind with other countries. So inevitably, many students studying abroad, selin because amenities are on average better than Indonesia, also can increase a person's social status. A lot of Indonesian students studying in various countries throughout the world, but based on the Metro Top Ten, we note there are 1o be a destination country that most Indonesian students

The following is a list

1. United States
America is a very big magnet for not only students of Indonesia, but jg students around the world.

2. Australia
More than 15,000 org Indonesia to Australia each year to learn.

3. Singapore
18,000 people singapore student from Indonesia, the reason for choosing Singapore as the goal of education: scholarship offer, timeout is complete bs bljr almost certainly work ...

4. Malaysia
reasons for choosing Malaysia as the goal of education: coolness jarknya dr Indonesia, the cost of light ....

5. Germany
reasons for choosing Germany as the goal of education: low education costs, 78 million u s1, famous for his technique .. 2500 dg org program students come from Indonesia.

1,500 students hail from Indonesia ...

7. England
Most of Indonesian students studying in the UK to take post-graduate program, dg majored in business, art, psychology ...

8. Netherlands
Indonesian students are the fifth largest foreign student in the netherlands.
the number of Indonesian students in the Netherlands is estimated around 1450 people

9. Egypt
Adlh al azhar university center for the study of Indonesian students of Islam ....
Almost 5,000 Indonesian org studying there

10. China
Language becomes a choice majors org Indonesia, then a medical ...