Tuesday, June 14, 2011

10 The purpose of Pilgrimage The Terrible

10. Hill of crosses, crosses in Kryzių LithuaniaBukit Kalnas, located 12 km to the industrial city of Siauliai (read: Shoo-lay) is a center of pilgrimage in Lithuania, the complex stands on a small hill which is covered by the patung2 Christian cross, it is not known when the establishment of this complex, beginning of the war which killed at the end of this hill pasukan2 Lithuania made ​​a pilgrimage destination, often times this funeral plans for di smooth, but never succeeded, even salib2 consequently it actually increases, other than creepy but has a distinguished artistic value exalted

9. St. Louis Cemetery, USA
The next destination for a distinguished Catholic Cemetery in New Orleans, Louisiana is saying is the world's oldest cemetery complex, this pemakaman2 kubah2 shaped, mostly built in the 18th century. But if traveling alone hati2 here, krn acts of crime is very high, kalo mo visit here should be with a group
and perhaps as catetan below List2 anyone who is buried here
'Marie Laveau' high priest of Voodoo, 'Bernard de Marigny' carrier dice game to the USA, 'Barthelemy Lafon' a pirate, 'Paul Morphy' one of the world's first chess world champion, and "Delphine LaLaurie", the murderous socialite also buried here.

8. Leap Castle Oubliette, IrelandAdalah a Castle in County Offaly, Ireland, about 4 miles north of the town of Roscrea, Span-built in the year 1250 in 1659 fell to the Darby Family ownership, a distinguished family notorious there, many people were imprisoned and executed in the fortress this. Still dilingkup this castle has found a 'oubliette' (such as fig below) which is a dungeon where org2 locked up and tortured. When the workers who were renovating the castle they find tulang2 remains in the dungeon, and also found a clock which is produced pd 1840s and also they often saw the appearance of a small creature with a green bent with the smell of corpses and the smell of sulfur.

7. Château de Machecoul, FranceAdalah home to Gilles de Rais (1404 - 1440), a Breton knight, companion of Joan of Arc Marshal of France. But his name is known as a serial killer anak2 in 1434-35. Most of the killings were done in the house before they were killed, raped first and then mutilated.
Finally on the date October 26, 1440 She was sentenced to death with by hanging.
his story will inspire success 'Bluebard' a film classic in France there.

6. Poenari Castle, RomaniaRumania in the world of awesomeness, Andapasti just occurred to one named "Vlad Dracula" Bran Castle with her, but jgn wrong if in Romania itself Poenari more famous haunted Castle of Dracula's house itself, in addition to a distinguished location adjacent to but also, ( it is said) is here every night of the vampire was hanging out. To get to this castle of the tourists have to climb 1500 stairs

5. Tana Toraja, IndonesiaKota a distance of 130 km from Makassar, has a very impressive natural scenery of granite stone, green mountains and rice fields petak2 also komplek2 burial which can create bulu2 shudder, but more exciting if we can travel here to coincide with the funeral normalcy called 'Signs Tuka', In Tana Toraja the corpse was not buried but rather be put in tongkonan (traditional house) diacara Center also held cutting buffalo. besides that we also can visit the various types of funeral here as in 'Kambira' dead baby in a tree, 'Stone tumonga' corpse corpse dibatu and Rantepao digoa

4. Capuchin Catacombs of Palermo, ItalyKatakombe is a way of funerals of people who gave life into Italy as the abbey church, pastor, and his descendants. Catacomb was first done pd thn 1599. Catacombs is dehydrated into a ceramic body which is formed as a distinguished human beings the original, some of the bodies embalmed and dicuka and not a few distinguished body just shut down by the glass. Officially closed catacombs pd th 1880 but krn the tourists continue to visit, then on th 1920, the catacomb was officially reopened today.

3. Poveglia of Venice, ItalyIni is an island filled with history almost entirely by death. This island was first discovered just to sufferers from leprosy, but in 1922 this island was built a mental hospital a lot of awesomeness going like a crazy person who free fall from the tower RS page, the last recorded 160,000 people who were killed this little island. If you inigin tour this island, it is suggested should be used with penjaga2 garden near the island.

2. Aokigahara, JapanAdalah a forest which is located below Mount fuji, besides the beauty of its forests and ice-covered goa2 reply, Aokigahara also recorded as the most popular suicide location no-2 after San Francisco's Golden Gate ..

1. European Ossuaries, FranceOsuarium is a site gathering place all kerangka2 humans in Europe, based in France .. have many more stories ga deh, liat aja photo below, a beautiful right, bener2 deh no1 holiday destination