Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Meaning of Culture Bend In Japan

Bending the right way is part of an important social ethics in Japan. President Barack Obama looks awkward when he tried to shake hands at a time of Emperor Akihito bowed.

Some U.S. media are anti-Obama with heavily criticized by saying the president violated the protocol or even too worship.

According to professor of Asian Studies at the University of Temple in Tokyo, Jeff Kingston, Japan's own nothing is offended by Obama's actions. Japanese media even reported the case of this as an aspect of American life that are difficult to understand.

How to bend back into the news when the Toyota automotive company apologized for the withdrawal of car-mobilnya.Dalam information to the media last February 5, Toyota president Akio Toyoda apologize by bowing slightly as if the Japanese neighbor accidentally meet in front of the house.

Whereas in the previous two weeks he did not appear at all when the company faced many complaints about the brake and gas pedal, making the company's stock fell 20%. It is clear that the way Toyoda bowing does not meet the expectations of society.
Media JepangMedia Japan are usually polite, bluntly said that the attitude Toyoda late and insufficient. In Japan, the more the people bowed and bent the longer he means if he shows respect or remorse.

With just a little bow and a second, the attitudes shown is like a person being subjected to anger the boss. While hunched his shoulders and went straight like a child shows signs new scolded.

While attitudes repeatedly bowed down to the waist with an apology occur in extreme circumstances such as the mechanic who damaged the car but still charge consumers in general besar.Tetapi Japan bowed in a sign the body is repeatedly carried out even without knowing the interaction with all people .

Zen Culture

Appearing for the second time in front of the media on 9 February, Akio Toyoda bowing deeper and more solemn. But in a press conference, Toyoda face looks very bleak, but the meeting was intended to quell criticism of his company. He looked uncomfortable facing many critical questions on the performance of his car.

Toyoda became supreme leader Toyota because his grandfather was the founder of the company. He was a shy and did not like appearing in public such as Apple CEO, Steve Jobs.

In addition, he is from the Zen culture that puts the silent and stoic attitude, which is more concerned about actions than words. With a calm and serious attitude he wants to show the determination to restore his family honor and restore consumer confidence. Then at the end of the press conference, he bowed in a way that shows remorse and sincerity.