Sunday, June 12, 2011

Tornado Damaged 10 Houses In Langkat

Langkat, North Sumatra, 12 / 6 (Xinhua) - The wind tornado damaged 10 homes and a number of existing public facilities in the District and Sub Completed Binjai, Langkat Regency, North Sumatra, on Friday night.

"There are ten houses damaged by a tornado," said Head of the Social Office Langkat, TM Auzai, who was contacted in Stabat, Saturday.

"Attack" tornado occurred on Friday (10 / 6) at around 18:20 pm, in the District of Done, and then at around 20.00 pm, also occurred in the District of Binjai.

Langkat District Government, is now providing assistance to victims of his home damaged by a tornado, he said.

Langkat regency assistance provided in the form of rice, instant noodles, eggs, cooking oil, sugar, coffee, kitchen utensils, mats, clothes for school children.

Meanwhile, head of the subdistrict Done, Budi Aspriyanto, who contacted separately to explain, there are two houses of its people severely damaged by a tornado that occurred.

Residence severely damaged the property Samiran, durian trees affected, and the residence ruwat, who hit a coconut tree, which is located in the hamlet of Sei Dead, Village Finished Jewelry District, he said.

Budi Aspriyanto told that, it happened before sunset, at around 18:20, Fri, at (10 / 6), sat where lightning, heavy rain and strong wind came and hit the tree durian and coconut, then hit two home residents.

Separately, Head of Regional District also Binjai Retti Yanti explained that there are four residents who were badly damaged house, and four houses were damaged, due to angina tornado.

Victims of broken homes due to wind putting this shaft located in the hamlet III, IV, VI, District Sidomulyo Binjai village, he said.

They are his residence severely damaged by the wind is putting beliuang Paiman, villagers III, Parlan, villagers IV, Surib, villagers VI, Triono, population VI, and VI Sutris Hamlet resident.

While the damage was, including the residence of Gondo, Mulianto, Parano, which all villagers VI, Village District Sidomulto Binjai, he said