Sunday, June 12, 2011

Bomb Suspected In Bank Danamon Apparently Biscuits

Medan, 12 / 6 (Xinhua) - One fruit package contains a bomb allegedly sent by people claiming to be from the post office to Bank Danamon Jalan Diponegoro Medan, it only contains foods such as biscuits and beverage syrup.

Police Public Relations Head of North Sumatra, AKBP Heru Prokoso when contacted in Medan, on Saturday, said the package box measuring 30 cm X 20 cm, after "didiscrafter" or parsed by a team of Police Mobile Brigade Gegana North Sumatra, apparently containing only food and not explosives.

He said the package containing the bomb was allegedly stems from a post office claiming to be from a package measuring 30 cm x 20 cm to come to the office security guard at Bank Danamon Jalan Diponegoro Medan, on Friday (10 / 6) at around 14:30 pm and received the officer named Alda Wira Jiro.

Meanwhile, the official post office was carrying a receipt, but in the form of a copy, so that suspicious.

Shipments of goods are directed to one employee of Bank Danamon in the name of Vivian Loren, while the name of the sender listed Imelda.

Meanwhile, the information obtained from Vivi says, that in the past week he had received from someone on terror.

By members of Police who served in Bank Danamon, First Brigadier Nandar Suhardi from DIT Sabhara Police contact Police Medan North Sumatra and North Sumatra Police Mobile Brigade Gegana team.

Then, the team Gegana it down to the scene, so bring the alleged suspicious items to the Mobile Brigade headquarters after the box is checked it turns out the package contained only food and beverage syrup biscuits.

"The package that was delivered to the Bank containing the bomb was not true, as expected the community," said former North Sumatra Police Wadirlantas it.

Will calibaration
Previously, the New Field Kapolsekta AKP Donny Allexander told reporters in Medan, on Friday, said it would investigate the identity of the person who sent the package box that allegedly contained the explosives.

Dilkirimkan box into the private bank was a yellow paper-bound.

The investigation, according to him, will be done through the CCTV monitoring equipment installed at the bank, also examined a number of witnesses who saw the suspected dangerous goods.

"Officers are still continuing to work extra hard to collect information materials (Pulbaket) to prosecute terrorists and allegedly sending a package bomb," said former Police Kasatreskrim Langkat it.

Bomb terrorists secured
Previously, North Sumatra police force to secure the R (21) residents Asahan bomb terror suspects at the Hotel Grand Antares Road Sisingamangaraja Medan, on Tuesday (24 / 5) at around 8:36 pm.

Police Public Relations Head of North Sumatra, Medan AKBP Heru Prakoso on Wednesday (25 / 5) said the suspect was secured in the shavings.

In addition, the police team to secure youth DD (23) from Aceh, a resident of Karang Gading, Labuhan Deli, Belawan alleged perpetrators of the terror bombs in the Office of Treasury Bank Mandiri Jalan Yos Sudarso Medan.

West Field Kapolsekta Kompol AF Ambat told reporters in Medan on Wednesday (11 / 5), said terror suspects the bomb that was disturbing people were arrested at his residence in Labuhan Deli, on Tuesday (10 / 5) morning.