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Tony Kwok Man-wai, Hunter Corruptor The Laris rent Many States

Postal Worker Catch Ever since Requesting Money Tired)
A total of 21 countries already use the services of Tony Kwok Man-wai in various capacities related to the eradication of corruption. He did not consider it important that payment is received.
THE Hongkong of corrupt officials on average have connections with mafia groups. But, when compared with the time served for 27 years (1975-2002) in Hong Kong Independent Commission for Eradication of Corruption (ICAC), Tony Kwok feels that the most thrilling experiences as a hunter is corrupt when working for a year in Nigeria at the request of the World Bank.

Not only must deal with harsh resistance from state officials who hooked threatening, Tony also had to deal with military officials who are used to solve problems with guns.

"So, those who think that combating corruption in the Philippines like a poisoned chalice presented with, I guess they've never been to Nigeria," joked, as quoted by AFP.

Philippines? Do not be surprised. Career as a corruption investigator has indeed been brought Tony Kwok as "citizens of the world." At least governments in 21 countries in various continents have used the service men who like diving, golf, and squash is to eradicate corruption. They are 10 municipalities in China.

Be her best-selling corruption investigators in the world. Whether it's in the capacity as consultant, advisor, or simply speaker seminars or workshops. Various big media world also alternately load the story. Try it when his name on Google, at least 5 thousand entries will appear.

Most recently, on 12 October, he shared the experience with the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) in Kuala Lumpur. On that occasion, the man who once interviewed Java Post during his visit to Indonesia in April 2006 reaffirmed the importance of continuity and flying hours.

"It took at least two and a half years for a person can become a reliable investigator of corruption," said the man who since retiring from the ICAC in 2002 has opened an anti-corruption advisory services, as quoted by Bernama.

Tony began to build a career as an investigator shortly after the ICAC corruption stand. Previously, he worked in Hong Kong Customs. As reported by Financial Times, for 27 years father of three was on duty, the ICAC successfully reduced drastically patgulipat practice in Hong Kong bureaucracy. If at the time of its KPK Hong Kong was first established in 1974 bureaucratic corruption rates reach 86 percent of all incoming reports, in 1999 the number remained 41 percent. Examples of other success can be seen on police corruption. In 1974, the number reached 45 percent. But, in 1999, the figure stayed 16 percent.

When energy rented Philippine President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo as anti-corruption adviser (2005-2007), recipient of numerous awards from the Hong Kong government successfully gave birth to the birth of anti-corruption team in 16 important institutions of government. It was performed within three months.

Tony adheres to the principle of zero tolerance in the matter of corruption. In an interview with the Java Post in 2006, he said he has caught a postman in Hong Kong since asked for money exhausted to a package recipient. "When applying for a job, you certainly know how much salary to be received. So, the small salary can not be used as an excuse for corruption," he said at the time.

Bespectacled man was also believed completely in three formulations to eradicate once counteract the "low-risk criminal action but is producing" them. "The key to combating corruption is prevention, education, and creation of barriers so that the same crime does not arise again." The importance of anti-corruption awareness through education is also a push Tony pioneered the birth certificate courses international postgraduate course in corruption studies at Hong Kong University. It is the first study program in the world.
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