Friday, June 10, 2011

Dimyati, breaking the DPR Records

NILAH.COM, Jakarta - House of Representatives 2009-2019 period to make a new record. Just one month sworn in, members of Parliament who has been imprisoned there. Dimyati Natakusumah, member of Parliament from forcibly detained by the High Attorney FPPP Banten.

Dimyati arrested in the case when he became Regent Pandeglang Banten. Namely, the alleged bribe to loan funds to the Bank amounted to USD 200 M. Jabar

Dimyati own corruption case emerged in 2006. At that time local government area Pandeglang borrowing amounting to Rp 200 billion to the Bank Jabar-Banten, Branch Pandeglang for program development and education.

To expedite the loan process, all members of Parliament in the period 2004-2009 is suspected of accepting bribes from the former Head of Regional Finance Manager Pandeglang, Abdul Munaf.

This case also dragged Dimyati and Erwan Kurtubi, vice regent, who is currently a Regent Pandeglang replace Dimyati.

Both are named as a suspect. Former Chairman of the Parliament Pandeglang HM Wadudi Nurhasan Acang and his Deputy, former Head of Regional Finance Manager Pandeglang Abdul Munaf and former Head of Perkeriditan Bank Jabar - Banten Dendi Darmawan, all once thrown into prison.

For the national public, the name Dimyati still vaguely similar. But, for the citizens of Pandeglang, Dimyati is controversy.

In addition alleged bribery, Dimyati also had made ​​a motion towards the scene pileg 2009.

Dimyati untu campaigning wife, Irna Narulita, who is also the House of Representatives candidates from the Party of Unity Builders (PPP), by asking the Head of Education support.

The Head of Education was ordered to invite subordinates to support the magistrate's wife. On the pretext of development, the Head of Education is collecting the teachers to campaign Irna.

Similarly, the district head. They were also ordered to socialize wife Dimyati. All the district into a successful team Irna.

Also, district officials and Satpol PP, they have to put billboards and posters in every corner of Regent's wife towns and villages.

Now, Dimyati languishing in prisons Attack isolation room with four other political prisoners.

Dimyati himself had become Regent Pandeglang two periods. And, he resigned from his position as regent while his term until 2010, being chosen as a member of the House of Representatives