Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Roy urges Kemhan Seriusi Essence Minimum Requirements

June 11, 2011, Jakarta, (Analysis): Member of Commission I of the Defense, Intelligence, Foreign Affairs, Communication, and Information Roy Suryo Parliament urged the Ministry of Defense for budget and management menyeriusi provision of minimum essential needs of national defense.

"We hope, 'essentian minimum force' (MEF) should be sought from the available budget, especially in the context of empowering and strengthening the primary means of weapons systems (defense equipment) within the framework of our National Defense System ('National Defence System')," he said in Jakarta, Saturday.

He said it was still in order to straighten out the news that mentions as if the Ministry of Defence (Kemhan) has proposed a budget of Rp80 trillion-an, but the possibility of the House of Representatives Commission I merasionalisasinya to only Rp61 trillion.

"The figure was Rp61 trillion budget ceiling of National Development Planning Agency (Bappenas). Make no mistake," he said. Budgeted defense, according to him, it is not easy because it is a long-term investment and the results are yet to be seen shortly.

"But this is very strategic, because it involves such a broad defense NKRI. So the calculation needs to mature, scalable, and keeping in mind that the budget is public money," he said.

Supposedly, according to Roy Suryo, Rp61 trillion, it can be a realistic figure. "Especially if we compare with the (proposed) Rp80 trillion of it, was not it for the purchase and the empowerment and strengthening of its defense equipment was just under 10 trillion. The majority of routine expenditures such as salaries and so on," he said.

Hence, Roy Suryo pressing importance of the priority and effort to maximize the utilization of the budget each year must be supported by the House of Representatives Commission I for increase, particularly in the context of the National Defence System reliability.