Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Air Force Chief: Grant F-16 Wait for the U.S. Parliament

F-16C Fighting Falcons from the 522nd Fighter Squadron,, Cannon Air Force Base, NM releasing AGM-154 bomb on the Utah Test and Training Range. (Photo: (US Air Force / Master Sgt. Michael Ammons)

June 11, 2011, Jakarta (ANTARA News) - Air Force Chief of Staff Marshal TNI grant Imam Sufaat said two squadrons of F-16C aircraft / D Fighting Falcons from the United States is still awaiting parliamentary approval of the country.

To ANTARA here on Saturday, he added, "Hopefully in August, the entire process has been completed, including approval from the U.S. parliament, so this year has been to contract signature,".

Rafter continued, "if this year can already signed his contract, then the next year eight units of the aircraft is expected to strengthen the military had entered the Air Force,`.

The priest said his side has done a good exposure to the TNI headquarters, the Ministry of Defense and the House of plans to grant two squadron of F-16s are.

"In fact, we have expressed in detail why the TNI Air Force preferred to receive the grant over buying new aircraft type, but similar at higher prices. We lay out all the shortcomings and advantages," he said.

F-16 Fighting Falcon fighter jet multiperan was developed by General Dynamics, which later acquired by Lockheed Martin, USA. Although initially designed as a lightweight fighter, it later evolved into a formidable multiperan aircraft and very popular.

Indonesia once had 12 units of F-16 block 15OCU consisting of eight F-16A and four F-16B. However, members of Commission I (Defence and Security and Foreign Affairs), House of Representatives, Fayakhun Andriadi, said Indonesia now only has 10 F-16 model A / B or F-16 first generation. Indonesia wants to develop it into a full squadron of six units with plans to buy the latest model F-16 C / D.

However, the emergence of the U.S. bid to grant F-16 to Indonesia. The U.S. now has 24 F-16 C / D is still good and still can be retrofit into F-16 C / D because the U.S. has increased its newest class of aircraft to the F-18.

Before being passed, the U.S. helped to retrofit 24 units of advanced F-16 C / D, and "upgrade" 10 units of F-16 A / B belongs to Indonesia became the latest-generation F-16.

If the U.S. offer was accepted, the number of aircraft the F-16 models C / D Indonesia soon after the "retrofit" and "upgrade" will be 32 units or two squadrons.