Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Places That Need probes Keanehaanya

1. Pembrokeshire, Wales.

The shape of the house - the house in this area resembles a house in the movie The Hobbit LOTR. Built entirely from natural bahan2 found around the residence. The walls are made ​​of stone, mud and water enters the house by gravity. The windows and the pipes were taken from sampah.Siapa that mimics who yach ..? So confused ..

2. Yucatan, Mexico.

Crystal Pond
In the midst of the dense forest in semenajung Yucatan, Mexico, outside the alleged spread of thousands of "pool crystal" that mysterious. According to Reuters report, scientists from the U.S. had found "a pool of crystal" was not long ago, which also opened the veil the real world of underground water. This dense forest hides many "pool crystal", where the depth one of the "pool crystal" that can reach 160 feet over it.

Thousands of "crystal pond" below the ground have created a world of mysterious underground water. ancient Mayans ever consider that there is an entrance to the underground nature. The local community continues to melegendakan, that the world's mysterious underground water, there is a pile of bones, and gold that make up such a mountain.

3. Wieliczka, Poland.

Poland stands above the salt mine which has been operating for 800 tahun.Tambang is now open to tourists with a depth of 1000 feet.Perlu known, mine even housed an airplane factory during World War 2.Menarik not stay on top of the salt mines? Water certain salty all .. ^ ^

4. Kapadokya, Turkey.

Turkey home of hundreds of houses made ​​up of the rooms to be continued and along with the old system of underground cities over the age of 2500thn. Area-area separated by a narrow corridor, residents begin the occupation on the surface and eventually moved to the underground.

5. Xi'an, China.

China now become famous with the temukannya the Mausoleum of Qinshihuang, the largest imperial tombs in China's history. This miracle was built in 38 years by 700,000 workers, and is famous for its terracotta army buried with Emporer.Siapa yah artists who made ​​these statues? A clear, perfect! ^ ^

6. Denver, Colorado.

Colorado has a big airport which is believed to have a lot of his underground tunnels. Based on the human remains were found, believed these tunnels built by the military as the Masonic Temple as a haven from attacks musuh.Di find a vast underground tunnel that connects to each other under the city iniPerlu how long yah make that big tunnel. .??^^

7. Tokyo, Japan.

Japan is the central mystery involving seven puzzles including an underground city under the city. It began when Japanese researcher, Shun Akiba find an old map of the Tokyo tunnel system that is incompatible with the existing map. Since then he discovered the irregularities in the six historical maps and other records of room-room tunnel degan tersembunyi.termasuk some hidden architectural design space that we know as Ninja .. wall has turned itself .. like elevator aja yah .. Fantastic!

8. Edinburgh, Scotland.

In addition to the already well-known myths, the Sea Monster LOCHNESS .. Scotland also has a long and strange history, one of the most bizarre is the discovery of the bridge that was buried under tanah.di expect, after the bridge was completed and followed by the mysterious deaths, the end of this bridge is not so used.

9. Abydos, Egypt.

-The pictures above are found on the support beams at the ceiling of a room of the Ancient Egyptian royal shrine, located at Abydos, several hundred miles south of Cairo and Giza plateau. The objects in the picture, seen from its physical equipment is operated aircraft in the valve as in the surface layer of the earth, not to space vacuum. Because it used the side wings and tail and propeller. Abydos temple was built for the god Osiris by the ancient Egyptian pharaoh, Seti I (1306-1290 BC) and completed by his successor, Ramses II. (Aircraft terbangkah it or ..?)

10. Nova Scotia, Canada

It is a mysterious explosion incident that occurred at Shag Harbour, Nova Scotia, October 4, 1967. An object hit the Shag Harbour 11:20 tonight, causing a great explosion. There were no fatalities. The witnesses watched it like a "flying saucer". Not long after, the place was immediately closed.

Canadian military immediately arrive. In an instant, the place was cleaned and immediately transported puing2. The incident was covered up very impressed. What exactly happened? Is it true that flying saucer that crashed? Government of Canada has never issued any statement regarding this. And to this day, the mystery was never disclosed.

11. Valdaro, Italy.

A pair of skeleton men and women new stone age who hugged each other tightly unearthed in Italy. A pair of skeletons this warm embrace each other, shaking all who see it. Archaeologists estimate that this framework has been buried a pair of approximately 5000-6000 years under the ground! hugs for 5,000 years is not only shake the archaeologists, and even the world community.

To maintain this style arms, scientists had not decided to separate pieces of the framework. "We will maintain this stance during which they embraced each other." So said Irena Mannorti archaeologist who discovered a pair of this framework.

12. Sidoarjo, Indonesia.

Maybe guns yah several hundred years, the villages are buried beneath the mud is recovered and is considered as the underground city? Maybe guns may deh .. heheh